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Raise Your Cups With WOLVES In “Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo”

Based in Los Angeles, the alt-pop duo WOLVES gives us "Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo," their most Latin urban release, also known as “The Drinking Song.”

WOLVES is a duo of the incredibly talented Marc Avery on the vocals and piano and Sean Carney on vocals, guitar, bass, and keys. Together they have created an alternative pop sound called “Surf Trap.” WOLVES’ songs come from real experiences, which they make relatable and enjoyable thanks to their outstanding musical skills.

Marc Avery wrote "Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo" after a trip the duo made to Mexico. The places they visited and the people they met were so enchanting they had to turn it into a song. Thus, they came up with the idea after having some drinks and listening to tons of reggaeton.

"Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo" makes it into the Latin Urban genre with its Dembow drums and incredible flow. It starts with a dreamy electric guitar and subtle drums accompanying a chant. A euphoric chorus chanting the title invites you to have a great time with friends, music, and drinks. The beach vibes are high.

Marc and Sean’s voices are melodic and seductive. They put you in a chilling mood. The lyrics place you in the story of a night by the beach, meeting beautiful people and dancing close and smoothly. Raise your cups to the sky and move those hips like the waves crashing onto the sand.

Play "Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo" to add spiciness to the night. And turn up the volume, life is now.

You've added reggaeton to the mix. Who is your musical inspiration or influence from that genre?

Honestly, reggaeton has become so popular it’s been hard to miss it and not love it. I (Marc) remember when Daddy Yankee first came out years back, so he has some influence because of his sound and longevity. Nowadays, Bad Bunny is killing it, and we really like his style and flair. Let’s not get it twisted. We aren’t aficionados by any stretch. This is new territory.

What comes to your mind when you perform or sing ''Pa' Arriba Pa' Abajo''? Why?

The amazing trip to Mexico the band took in the summer of 2022. It’s where the good times and calamities took place to create the seed for this song. I also think about Selena for some reason with the hip movements.

Can you share your creative process to write the lyrics to ''Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo''?

Of course….I was about to take a shot of tequila in Mexico with Sean (guitar/vocals) and our drummer Johnny, and he began to instruct us on the “Pa’ Arriba Pa’ Abajo” cheers before drinking it. I’ve heard this before, but he put a melody on it this time. I immediately put it in my voice memos and told him not to sing that in front of anyone else. The adventures and scenery on the rest of the trip wrote the rest of the lyrics. Mexico is really vibrant, so it wasn’t difficult.

Where do you draw your inspiration to write songs? Was that the case for ''Pa' Arriba Pa' Abajo''?

We draw inspiration from all around us. The past, present, and future and everything that falls in between. We love life and all that comes with it. It’s so many amazing emotional colors in life, we have an incredible palette to paint with and we are grateful to do so. The inspiration for this song was definitely the music and nightlife in Mexico. Hearing that booming bass and seeing everyone go wild was big for us!!

What's next for you?

We have more music on the way! We are always in the studio, and when we aren’t doing that, we are probably working on coming to a city near you. We have some dates put together and will keep you posted as to when everyone can come to see us!! Until then, listen for new music!


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