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Raivon Don’tez Lets You In on His “Cutthroat Fantasy”

Alternative Rap artist Raivon Don'tez is back at it again, this time releasing his hard-hitting, energized track, “Cutthroat Fantasy."

Raivon’s love for music has stemmed from a very early age. He grew up in a household constantly filled with music from legendary rap artists around the house, inspiring him to pick up a pen and paper and begin writing his own poetry and song lyrics. Raivon Don'tez began officially recording music back in 2018 and has released several standout singles and projects since. Throughout his artistic journey, he has drawn inspiration from artists such as Busta Rhymes, Tyler The Creator, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Rico Nasty. He also draws inspiration for his music from Comic Books, Anime, Video Games, and Horror Movies, which we can definitely hear in his latest track, “Cutthroat Fantasy." Now, we’ll take a deeper look at his captivating new single.

“Cutthroat Fantasy” hits you in the face with an intense energy right from the get-go. Opening with a quick and light piano line, it immediately dives into the heart of the song. Heavy distorted vocals and production combine with forceful drums and guitar to propel the song forward as Raivon Don'tez’s vocals ring out overtop the hard-hitting musical soundscape.

"Cutthroat Fantasy" is infused with elements of Rap and heavy Punk, and we can’t get enough of it. It’s packed to the brim with energy throughout the instrumentals and production, while also allowing Raivon’s powerful and dynamic vocals to punch through and steal the show.

Let Raivon Don'tez take you on a journey through his “Cutthroat Fantasy” in his latest single, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Raivon Don'tez, and congratulations on your latest release, "Cutthroat Fantasy?" Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind this song?

The inspiration behind "Cutthroat Fantasy" comes from the conversation of character growth and rebellion. As someone who has changed so much since starting music and grown into his own skin, I've dealt with occasional "what happened to the old you" conversation. And with that conversation, I started to realize that sometimes people would talk about old you. Because that's the version that made them comfortable, and that's the version they were comfortable with, was just a placeholder for the true you. And this song represents taking ownership of the true version of yourself and telling those people that this is who I am, so deal with it.

We love the energy created within "Cutthroat Fantasy." What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in the track? Who helped bring the sonics to life?

The vibe that I wanted this track to give off was crazy, rebellious, and confident because that's the headspace that I was in a while writing this track. The atmosphere that I wanted to give off was kind of an alt skater meets alleyway punk. From the guitar riffs to heavy drums, I feel like that's what it truly embodied. I, of course, have to thank Cristalbeach for producing the beat for this wonderful track of mine. And My amazing engineer at Timelessstudio, Trey Clue, for seeing my vision and helping me bring this song to life.

You have an amazing knack for blending multiple genres from Metal to Hip Hop, Rock, Punk, and more. Is there any genre you haven't yet explored that you want to tap into more with future releases?

Thank you very much! I think it would be fun to dapple in hyper pop or some future bass down the line. I feel that not only would it challenge me, but it would also give off kind of a cyberpunk type of vibe. And I would like to dive deeper into the metal part of my craft as well, mainly instrumentals.

Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most? What do you hope listeners will take away from this song while listening?

I hope that this song resonates with someone who feels that they're being held back, whether that be family, outside forces, or their own fears. I hope that this song lets them know that its ok to break out be the true you that you really want to be. And to be unapologetic about it. I want my listeners to leave with the mindset that you are it, that you built this version of yourself that you're proud of, and that if someone doesn't like it, then that's on them and not you.



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