RALPHY Brings Dark-Pop 80’s New Wave Mood With “Can’t Sleep”

RALPHY is a spectacular independent pop singer/songwriter from Australia. For the past few years she’s been making her name known out of Los Angeles. She’s had a passion for music from childhood, starting dance at only 3 years old. That when her spark for performing was ignited. Growing up, RALPHY was always inspired by the arts and music and he first tries at songwriting were writing poetry and journals. Now an established young artist, RALPHY is known for her stunning choreography, emotional lyricism, and sultry vocals. RALPHY captures the true meaning of performance, elevating her audience into a beautiful space of love, freedom, and expression.

RALPHY’s newest single “Can’t Sleep” changes things up from her usual indie-pop sound. The track brings a darker vibrancy with its moody, ‘80s new wave feel. The first thing you notice about

“Can’t Sleep” is the slick production that seems effortlessly contemporary and yet references the 70s and 80s with the coolest of nods. The vocals add depth and intelligence to a song bursting at the seams with ideas, warmth and real soul. Passion and vulnerability are competing for the listener’s attention, and then RALPHY’s voice is layered up to spectacular effect where harmonies are piled atop one another to emphasize, comfort and enhance the journey. “Can’t Sleep” showcases RALPHY’s grown-up pop with an electro heart, driving the rhythm and enough raw emotional connection to melt the most cynical of hearts.

Check out “Can’t Sleep” here and stay tuned for the new music video, coming later this month!

Hey RALPHY! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic. Any words you'd like to share with our readers about the way you articulate your music? How is “Can’t Sleep” different from your previous singles?

Hey Buzz Music, I try not to overthink things too much, my songs are usually written about past experiences or something I’m feeling at the time. Usually starting with the beat first, working with my producer to get a sound that I’d be excited to perform to I get so excited when I think I’m onto that great sound, there is no exact structure to my work. Can’t Sleep has a darker vibe than my usual work, I love this and I’m so looking forward to performing it live,  I have another song lunar that is also of that dark vibe and it’s fun to perform. 

“Can’t Sleep" obviously had a powerful and captivating soundscape but are you able to dive deeper into the honest meaning of the track?

I don’t like to give the complete meaning away of a song,  I feel it’s fun for fans or listeners to come up with their own interpretation. I can say Can’t Sleep is about having an affair but not necessarily with a person just doing something sinful and you know is wrong but can’t stop and can’t sleep you are just hooked

In your years of performing, what has been your most memorable moment or achievement in your career?

Since arriving in LA I have performed at many venues some of the notable is the  Viper Room and the House of Blues tonight I’m performing at Hotel Cafe tonight!!!. I had heard of these places back in Australia and dreamed of one day performing in such venues so to me to perform were some of my favorite artists have performed is a wonderful achievement and exciting for a girl from a small country town in Australia.

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

Live performance is the most exhilarating fun thing for me it’s my happy place, the love of performing is what got me into music and songwriting in the first place. I love all aspects of getting towards the night I perform, the costume making, working out the choreography, the setlist it’s all hard work but fun and on the night it’s all worthwhile. I enjoy the writing process but it’s all directed at performing and I’m so excited when I think we’ve nailed it.

It was amazing showcasing "Can’t Sleep" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! What is the official release date for the upcoming music video? What can you tell us about it?

Can’t Sleep is a huge track my favorite so far with its huge cinematic sound the producer created and strong vocals, the moodiness, and storyline make for a fantastic and thrilling video clip which we were so enthusiastic and excited to create. The music video has spooky dark sexy vibe, not sure of the exact date of release but hopefully be out for Halloween Matthieu McReina the creative director and myself have been working so hard on this and we can’t wait to share.  So keep an eye out for release date on all my social media pages.