Ralphy Davis Gets In Grind Mode With “AYEDOE”

Ralphy Davis released his single titled “AYEDOE” which stands for “All year every day, dats on everythang.” we were able to interpret this acronym by the catchy hook that became stuck into our heads. “AYEDOE” was a memorable song due to the captivating and unforgettable punchlines and bars. The vibe of the song was smoothly mixed with good energy to have the listener hyped. The beat in “AYEDOE” put a nice spin on contemporary hip-hop beats you’ll hear in mainstream rap. Although the vibrant beat had an invigorating sound, Ralphy Davis flow was more classic. He showcased an old-school delivery with his fusion of a legato and staccato tempo, a skill that only the greats can accomplish.

This nice fusion between the beat and the delivery makes this song wildly digestible for both the new and old market of hip-hop. Ralphy Davis showed us a raw insight into who he is and the grind he has for the music industry in the video released alongside “AYEDOE”. You see different clips of Ralphy Davis in the studio, driving around with his loved ones, and simply being his authentic self. This was a refreshing vision to witness and showed us the hunger and passion that’s embedded inside Ralphy Davis. “AYEDOE” was memorable, addictive, casual, and a new hit that will be added to my personal playlist.

You can listen to “AYEDOE” by Ralphy Davis here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ralphy Davis! How was it growing up in Seattle Washington? In what ways are you influenced by your environment?

Growing up in Seattle was a good experience for my life. Me living in the Central District area helped make me a better decision-maker. Coming up seeing hustlers & gangsters make good and bad choices it gave me a bigger perspective on why your next move has to be your best move.       

Tell us about your song “AYEDOE”. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome when making this record?

AyeDoe is another great song off my latest EP “Say Less” produced by Seattle producer Starr Spazzin. While creating it my biggest challenge was how can I make it a song dedicated to my movement something you can vibe and ride too.

What does “AYEDOE” mean to you? How would you describe the message behind the song?

AyeDoe is the label and movement as well as the lifestyle. It represents everything that can go right for you if you stay down for what you believe in. I would say the message from the song would be to always remain genuine and always keep the value of what’s important. 

What was your songwriting approach when writing “AYEDOE”?

I took the laid back versatile approach to it. I didn’t wanna be as aggressive when getting my point across. I just wanted to create something for my believers and supporters to champion.

What’s next for you Ralphy Davis?

We got the AyeDoe Album coming as well as a few collab projects, bigger visuals, and vlogs in the works so 2020 WILL BE A GREAT YEAR.