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Ralphy’s “Hesitate” Is A Sultry New Track To Watch Out For

Delivering an effortlessly cool and sultry new track called “Hesitate” is Ralphy, who is mixing is up from her previous releases giving you a slick pop/R&B vibe. Matching Ralphy’s smooth and sexy vocals came Justin Green, an R&B/pop singer, songwriter and producer who has amazing abilities with vocals and song writing. Taking a step back from releasing new music to hone in on her craft and her creative team. Ralphy’s new track represents a collective vision of the team from production by Yuri Buzynnik, engineering by Jackson Church, Song writing by Matthew McReina and Justin Green and final mixing and mastering from Casey Sullivan. Ralphy and her team have no intention of slowing down on creating new projects.

Talk about a breath of fresh air! Ralphy’s voice is captivating and sensual that is filled with finesse and talent. This upbeat track is more than meets the ear as it’s filled with fiery tension and passion with every lyric. I love the emotion in the lyrics, the pure heat that Ralphy is conveying throughout this song is incredible. Then all of a sudden you are hit with more intensity from Justin Green during the bridge section and he hits each beat with intention and ease. The gradual build-up of the song helps add character to this fantastic hit, slowly adding in different rhythms from verse to chorus to the strong final moments of the song that help solidify that this is going to be a top song of the year. This duo fits well together and have created a timeless collaboration. I personally have always said I am a huge fan of embedding yourself into your song, and this duo has completely nailed that aspect. If you are an R&B or pop fan then this song is definitely a match for you, bringing the best of both worlds together to redefine a growing genre in their own way!

Be sure to listen to "Hesitate" on Spotify, and continue reading for Ralphy's exclusive interview.

Hey Ralphy! What a wonderful single! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an independent pop singer from Aus (Australia) for the past few years I’ve been based in LA doing what I love to do writing, singing, performing and also working in fashion. Over the last six months l have been honing in on my craft working with my team on new projects.

When did you first find your passion for music and what inspired you to start writing?

I had a passion for music from childhood, starting dance (ballet) at three I feel my love of performing started then, with the love of pop music coming as I got older watching MTV and music videos creating a dream that I have followed to this day. There was always music played in my childhood home with dad listening to his favourite bands on the record player. My first attempt at writing was more like poetry and journals . Around 18/19 years of age one of my singing teachers encouraged me to start writing lyrics.

What is the meaning behind “Hesitate”?

The intention of this song Hesitate is to remind us of the consequences of hesitating. We may miss out on the beautiful things in life by not taking chances.

Collaborations can be difficult. Was there any challenges in creating this collab and if so how did you overcome them?

I absolutely love collaborating, when you get other people involved in projects they can take you in a different direction and open your mind to other ideas that may never have entered your head, amazing ideas come from working together with others. I had a fantastic time working on Hesitate with Justin Green also it’s been fun having him perform in my live shows.

What are some things that you draw inspiration from for your music collections or visual art releases?

Inspiration comes from many things the talented artists and friends that are in my life, movies and fashion old buildings especially old Art Deco they evoke many ideas. Inspirational musicians over the years have been Bowie, Prince, Madonna and Goldfrapp. I love people who mix cool visuals, fashion and sending a positive and inspirational message to the world.

What's new for Ralphy in 2019?

There is so much happening from this release until the end of the year. Working on new music, collaborating with other artists and of course booking shows my happy place is performing live. Make sure you follow me on my social to keep up, because there are no plans on slowing down and I cannot wait to share it with all of you


Connect with Ralphy via the artists Instagram!


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