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R A M Z I E Released A Summer Hit “San Diego”!

R A M Z I E is an 18 year old artist from Georgia who raps, sings, produces, mixes, AND masters! He’s not only looking to get more exposure in the music world, but to build clientele as well.

R A M Z I E released his original single, “San Diego” and it began with a delightful and multi-colored introduction. The beat transformed into a bright trap beat. The beat sounded like a super dope twist on “elevator music” and we were in love with it! But the beat isn’t the only attractive element to “San Diego”, R A M Z I E's fire delivery and intricate approach to hip-hop is what turned us into fans! Ramzie correctly projected a transporting energy through “San Diego” in which captures its listeners and affect them with a contagious appeal. Artists like R A M Z I E are super rare and non-typical nowadays. One who manufactures his own music through production AND excel by performing it. He delivers his own dimension to his music by having the ability to freely create the sound and story he personally wants the song to be a reflection of and it’s incredible! We can see ourselves jamming through the summer with this cooling hit and we have to thank R A M Z I E for providing it! If you’re looking for a nice tune to play during the hot days, then R A M Z I Es “San Diego” is here to provide that west-coast flare  to an artist from the South!

Catch R A M Z I E 's "San Diego" here, and check below for the artists exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!


Hello! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into music?

I go by R A M Z I E; I grew up in small town called Monroe, Georgia. I Started making music in high school and I’ve been progressing, in relation to quality, very rapidly. When I was younger I always wanted to be a singer because my dad would play Michael Jackson for me whenever we were together, but I wasn’t confident enough in my singing ability so I decided to just produce music until the end of my Junior Year of High school and I picked up rapping with my friend AJ. By then I was a little bit more confident in my singing but I realized I also had a talent for rapping and I ran with both and I believe it to be apparent in my music. 

Tell us about “San Diego “ and the meaning behind it?

When I was growing up I was always told that I am handsome and I never really believed them until I graduated college. By the time I made the song I was already hella confident body-wise and I decided to rap about it. The song is also interpreted as “hot” being  well known or of high recognition which I know I will be sooner than I think, but I will admit I am impatient sometimes.

What inspired you to write “San Diego”?

The inspiration behind the beat was “History” by rich Brian and from there I let my flows guide the words that I said. Other subject influences, evident in the lyrics, are Smash Bros and Maison Margiela fashion.

What do you personally enjoy doing more and why? Production or performing?

I really enjoy the production of the music. When I’m mixing and it all comes together smoothly it makes me happy. That’s been becoming more of a consistent thing, but every now and then I’ll run into complications with that stage. With San Diego I sent the vocals to @jonsambrick just to see how it would sound to have someone else do that part for me. I was not disappointed. I haven’t gotten an opportunity to perform yet, but that opportunity will soon be arising.

What can we expect next for you?

Expect a music video for my song “The One,” my feature on @theylovefrioo track “Friendzone” coming out on 4/19/19, a music video for “San Diego”, and new music from me soon. 


Connect with R A M Z I E via the artists Instagram and Twitter!


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