Rap Artist Jxhn Dxe Comes Out With a Naturally Flowing Track Titled "Saturday"

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jxhn Dxe has contributed more of his intricate rap stylings to the end of the 2019 music scene. Jxhn Dxe prides himself in the natural approach he takes at curating the sound of his music, and there are a few admittable moments during his tracks where you're able to catch these organic tones. Artistically, Jxhn Dxe seeks to impart clarity on his listeners, especially through his chosen arrangement of melodies, and how he shapes them alongside his vocalism. We've been in tune with the most recent track offerings from Jxhn Dxe, as he opens up with a distinctive mellow vibe in his offering "Saturday". Through "Saturday" we're receiving that prominent flow from Jxhn Dxe that we almost always receive within his tracks. Nevertheless, there's more to the track than just his consistent outflow.

Jxhn Dxe's track "Saturday" captures catchy and thought-provoking vocals, and ties them in with an extremely laidback beat. The result? A chill and hazy listening experience with Jxhn Dxe. There are specific components to the production of "Saturday" that amplifies that lethargic-type atmosphere. Jxhn Dxe ultimately hopes to lead with his music, and we can confidently say that "Saturday" is a good head start at establishing such authority within the music scene. We've already added "Saturday" to our trill, car ride playlist, mainly because it fits in perfectly with that car ride type of vibe you want when cruising along PCH - or at least that'll be our use out of it!

Listen to "Saturday" here!

Hey Jxhn Dxe! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. Thanks for sharing your new song "Saturday" with us. Where did the inspiration behind this song come from? It’s my favorite day of the week and If I’m not mistaken the littlest day of the week. 

How is "Saturday" different from your past releases?

Saturday is a song that anyone can vibe to, from any walk of life. If you go through life every day then you will appreciate this vibe.

What's the message you're trying to deliver to your fans through "Saturday"?

We have to stress about life 7 days a week and keep a smile on our faces. Reward your self 3-5 hours of fun with friends or just being alone, going out or tv binge. Just be you for those few hours without judgment.

Do you have any upcoming live performances?

Actually, I do I’m opening up for Lil Easy E at the Roxy Theater DENVER on January 24th.

What can we expect to see from Jxhn Dxe in 2020?