Rap Artist Surf God Practices Versatility Within His Music

Rap artist Surf God has released a variety of tracks throughout 2019. We wanted to highlight his artistry because his artistic growth is completely undeniable! During the year, we saw a range of offerings from him, such as "Transactions", "My Mental", and "Loot". With many other single releases, Surf God pretty much proved he's putting his all into the music he creates. With inspirations such as Biggie Smalls, J.Cole, and Missy Elliott, Surf God proves that he can take inspirations from a multitude of artists, and somehow apply their foundational elements in his own way.

Surf God has created a consistent lax and effortlessly chill atmosphere with his releases in the past year! As a rap artist, Surf God communicates with listeners through his music about his life struggles and obstacles he faces. His goal has always been to create the connection between his audience, and his softer approach to the vocal delivery aids in this completely. His sounding has always felt well-rounded to us. He can maintain a consistent melancholic flow with tracks like "My Mental", but then we see huge versatility in a track like "Transactions". 2019 saw many releases from Surf God, releases that each held different attributes that contribute to that versatile flow we keep emphasizing! We don't know what we can expect from Surf God in 2020, but honestly, that's the element that's keeping us tied in.

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Hey, Surf God! As we highlight your artistry today on BuzzMusic, how do you feel now that we're taking a look back at your 2019? Are you content with how your work ended up executing this year? Content! But I think, I took huge steps professionally, with my job, and video editing. I kinda slipped up on some releases. But that just means, new heat for 2020

How did the creative flow during the writing and recording process differ from the first track release you had this year compared to the most recent one? The beat changed. It called for something more relaxed.

"My Mental" featured authentic rap stylings but persisted with an entertaining production. How did you find the collaborative process with the other artists involved in the making of the track? Seymour that's my broth' and an artist in my group 86 ent. Him and I are polar opposites, but similar in many ways. So it was easy.

How do you feel your current creative environment is empowering the very sound you create?

I actually feel like where I'm at right now. Hasn't been healthy. I've been in a rut, trying to balance out my personal life, my artist lifestyle. It's tough, but going forward, better days are coming.

Are there any specific hopes for your artistic flow in 2020?

I want to drop 3 videos this year and 3 mixtapes. I would also like to collaborate with Cousin Stizz. and continue growing my Bigwaves clothing line!

Thanks for coming back on BuzzMusic to take a look over your 2020, Surf God! Are you planning on creating more music in 2020? Any live performances scheduled?! Yeah once these Bigwaves, touch California. The raise of Yungsurfgod begins!