Rap/Hip-Hop Artist Big Badd Wolf Had an Honest & Quality 2019

Recording artist Big Badd Wolf has been releasing some attention-worthy tracks this past 2019! As a North Texas native, Big Badd Wolf makes music that is true to himself and his beliefs. Artistically, Big Badd Wolf knows the impact of music, and how he plays a role in delivering such an impact on listeners. The power of music is true and therefor Big Badd Wolf (as it is for any music lover), and so his understanding and resonating so well with this aspect of music has aided in his overall execution of his own. Big Badd Wolf has been putting his vision and genuine outlook into tracks released throughout 2019. Some notable tracks have been “Cry Wolf”, as well as “Conservations”.

“Cry Wolf” begins with an interesting dynamic. It has that pristine Hip/Hop or even Rap production, which is easily complemented by the integration of verses from Big Badd Wolf. “Cry Wolf” introduces us to the very elemental features of Big Badd Wolf, while his most recently released track” Conversations” exploits that laxer and trill side of his music. We really want to dive deep into “Conversations” because the ambiance and general vibe the track allows and actually insists, is incredible. Big Badd Wolf shows us that he’s a versatile artist through the contrast regarding his two 2019 single releases. We know that he’s an artist able to bring fire soundings to the table, soundings that resonate so similarity with those from Travis Scott. We see these Travis Scott aspects embedded within “Conversations” with the atmospheric elements on the production side being that huge characteristic of the sound. All in all, we’re impressed with the small, but insanely quality tracklist of Big Badd Wolf this year, and we’re so intrigued to see how it is that Big Badd Wolf can elevate this exact sounding for 2020. 

Check out the soundings of Big Badd Wolf here

Hey Big Badd Wolf! We’re excited to talk over your tracks released this year! How do you feel now that 2019 is almost over?!

I feel excited! I took this year to really focus on who I am as an artist, and what kind of music I wanted to start my journey with. 2019 was the year of growth, and 2020 will be the year to show off what I've been working towards. 

Although “Cry Wolf” has gained significant traction when compared to “Conversations”, which track would you offer to a first-time listener?

I'd definitely recommend "Cry Wolf"! There's a reason I released it first, and that it's the first track on the album. It's a great intro to the world of Big Badd. "Conversations" is more of an intimate, and slow vibe for someone looking to get to know me more deeply.

We know that you implement a sense of realness to your sound and overall music. Can you walk us through the importance of a genuine and honest track, and how you go about creating a track that is, in essence, “honest”?

Without necessarily talking about myself, I believe the honesty comes from the existence of the real artist, and the insatiable desire to explore, and express the vast spectrum of emotions through all mediums. The realness in art is very important because when you really feel something when experiencing a form of art, that comes from that artist's ability to convey that genuine emotion. The creation of such work is done by the artist being able to let that vulnerability out. ... I rant 📷

“Conversations” was much more chill compared to “Cry Wolf”, although “Cry Wolf” maintained that necessary vigor and constant flow of energy! How did the songs compare to you, personally? 

The songs are vastly different, and that's exactly why I chose them to be the first two releases of my upcoming album "Careless Whispers". "Cry Wolf" is the big opening act that lets listeners know what they're in for, while "Conversations" is a tinder, honest look at my romantic side.

It was really great being able to talk through your soundings of 2019! Do you see more music being released from yourself in 2020?!

Absolutely! I have a third single that will be released on a full moon early 2020, & soon after that will be the official release of my debut album "Careless Whispers"! I have some other projects in early works as well, so stay tuned! Follow me on Instagram for the latest in the Big Badd World of Wolf.

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