Rapper Admiral Boasts Lyrical Depth With New Album “Decorated”

Born and raised in the Soundview section of the Bronx and the Founder /CEO of Glory Ave Entertainment, talented artist, Admiral is regarded as one NYC's best up and coming lyricists and well as one of its bright young business minds. Rapping began as a hobby for Admiral to pass the time, but after some convincing from his peers, he joined an up and coming rap group called BXC. The group worked the underground circuit independently for years before deciding to disband in the summer of 2009. Following leaving the group Admiral took a short hiatus before making the decision to resume his career as a solo act. With many singles and album under his belt, Admiral shows no signs of slowing down with the release of his latest album “Decorated”.

Admiral’s album “Decorated” kicks off with a narrated two minute “Intro”, and then quickly explodes into the title track. With a haunting and slow start “Decorated” develops into a retrospective anthem. Admiral digs right into contemporary turmoil and seeks to inspire and motivate with this album release, drawing you in from afar with some of the most intriguing artwork to emerge in recent years, and quickly sealed the deal with an opening track that directly and unabashedly addresses his desired audience in an open, honest way.

“King Talk” is exactly what its title promises and Admiral delivers with natural confidence and heart. He has a certain tone and vocal style that’s easy to acclimatize to and recognize. That voice becomes a comforting thread amidst an otherwise chaotic and creatively experimental, industrial soundscape. “Movin” is creatively free and spacious yet again, but rhythmic enough to build a sense of togetherness in the room. The album often feels like a poetry slam session, carefully crafted on top of a series of mildly tribal, minimalist musical performances. There’s always a strong beat to connect with.

“One Man Military” stands out for its louder confidence, rhythm, and energy once again. Admiral takes full advantage of the opportunity to perform and enjoy himself, and it shows well. As the album goes on, there are a fair few instances of fun, juxtaposed cleverly with those that are notably more thoughtful and deep. Admiral leaves nothing unsaid, and that makes the experience a heavy yet worthy one. It’s also easy to visualize a live performance and your focus would rightfully be on the vocalist. “Echoes of the Back Blocks” Ft. Deuce Biggs, Statuzz & Michelle Singz is a mighty track, creatively unique for its fine fusion of classic hip hop beats, melody and rap, piano softness and mildly distorted swagger.

Up next is “In the Beginning” Ft. Hop Cashay, Berry Antoine & Michelle Singz this collaborative gathering doesn’t purely showcase the best of every artist’s abilities, it holds close to an underlying sentiment that seems to remind you to hold loyalty close, don’t settle for less. “Rear View Mirror” Ft. Mic Massive is not only a great track, produced to the highest quality, it’s also a bold and striking introduction to the artist featured within. Despite the multilayered soundscape and the seemingly organized chaos of the arrangement, no moment is wasted, every bar is on point and impressively crafted.

As far as contemporary hip hop goes, “Heaven” manages to effectively walk the line between the classic and the new. Offering that crisp and honest clarity, that professionalism, and that crucial moment of melody, as well as appearing with style and a new series of story-telling moments. While there are definite threads throughout much of this music Admiral has a style that’s authentically his. “Evolution” is a bold example, distorted and angst-driven, and fast-paced. “The Gods” keeps things real and raw as Admiral speaks his truth through their incredible music. The hip-hop sound is unlike anything we’ve heard before and is a welcome addition to our playlists. “Carry On” comes in will mellow backbeats and melancholic vocals. The verses feature hard-hitting bars and emotive lyricism. Admiral creates a relatable track to form more authentic connections with his listeners. Admiral is doing his own thing entirely, and for all of these reasons and more, “Decorated” is a brilliantly refreshing album that’s all at once distant from the mainstream and desperate to connect.

Check out the full album here and read more with Admiral below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Admiral! "Decorated" has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this album?

The title itself is an ode to a war survivor from the streets who's lived to narrate his story. It a nutshell it is my autobiography set to music.

What do you hope your listeners take away from "Decorated"?

My main goal of this project was to give connect with the listener on a personal level. My hope was for the people to connect with my story and appreciate the lyricism and production.

"Decorated" features many collaborations! How did these come about?

I really enjoy creating collaborations. Most of the projects I have been involved with have always been collaborative. In regards to the album, the collaborations are a collection of artists and producers whose talent I have respected over the years.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

It's a tough choice but I would have to say "One Man Military". That record really personifies my sound. I see my self as a motivational speaker on the track who delivers reality rap to the people with skill.

What do you hope to achieve as a hip-hop artist through the end of 2019?

I would like to land a tour by the end of the year and complete recordings for my next project......Continue to grow my fan base and build the Glory Ave Entertainment brand.


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