Rapper Profound Artist Delivers Pure Authenticity With, “Dripping Sand (Feat. Eric C)”

From Montréal, Canada, rapper Profound Artist drops his lo-fi hit “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)”. Striving to provide his audience with the flow that makes you think outside the box and question absolutely everything, Profound Artist’s deep meaning within his songs and different underlying production (trap, boom-bap, or jazz) gives him a significant advantage in the industry. His recent single “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” gives us a reflective glimpse of Profound Artist’s inner thoughts and Eric C’s conceptual bars. Both rapping over a jazz-infused beat giving us a lo-fi atmosphere, Profound Artist has crafted a laid back yet confident vibe. “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” softy opens with muffled brass over a soothing jazz type beat. Once Profound Artist’s bars break through the silence, he brings out an unpredictable side of the song that captures our attention. Rapping and preaching authenticity and not letting others negatively influence him, but having a positive influence on his surroundings. While Eric C. begins his verse, he brings a powerful message with top-flight bars of questioning insanity and testing his limits. Although Profound Artist and Eric C. are delivering quite serious and stern words, the production gives a mellow jazzy atmosphere that’s music to our ears. Giving us something to lay back and relax to, Profound Artist’s single “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” is definitely worth the listen.

Discover “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” here.