Rapper RUNOFFBROKE Displays His Authentic Sound Through His Latest Gripping Single “Sins”

Dublin rapper RUNOFFBROKE releases his third consecutive single “Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ behind two other singles released just days prior. RUNOFFBROKE gathers an audience who enjoys conceptual music that speaks multiple messages. Describing his sound as “Bi-Polar Hip-Hop”, RUNOFFBROKE mentions how at times, his verses contradict each other, creating a dynamic back and forth effect. His latest single does exactly that but in a major creative way. “Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ captures the confidence and authority of being a skilled rapper, yet adds layered texture by spitting how he remains unsure of himself and his future. With surreal flow and a talented ability to ride a beat, RUNOFFBROKE effectively lets us understand what goes on his creative mind.

Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ kicks off with deftly-produced melodies and supporting kicks, creating a haunting and heavy atmosphere even before RUNOFFBROKE begins rapping. His low and pronounced voice perfectly mimics the track's vibe, enhancing his conceptual back and forth message. As RUNOFFBROKE soars over the track and hits us with his mile a minute flow, we’re amazingly still able to understand each lyric. Not to mention his superb timing and gripping syncopated delivery, RUNOFFBROKE and NINTEY7HERTZ have clearly worked vigorously to provide a clean-cut and methodical track. From trendy production that incorporates a variety of unique elements to RUNOFFBROKE’s unreal bars, “Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ lets his audience get a glimpse of his textured “BI-Polar Hip-Hop” sound.

Listen to "Sins" here.

Hey RUNOFFBROKE, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re amazed by your brilliant storyline and talented delivery on your latest single “Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ. Could you expand on the creative process between RUNOFFBROKE and NINETY7HERTZ? How did you develop “Sins” to what it is today?

So it started with 97 showing me a beat and I laid down a hook, the funny thing about that song is the way we used to have it is completely different to what it is now. To be honest the original version sounds like sticking an aux cord in a bin compared to this. And what we wanted to be an aux cord thrown in the front door of a crack shack. So 97 switched up the sound to a more fitting grungy dirty type beat. While I rapped as much as I could about smoking crack and having no money, while kinda bragging about it at the same time to get that feeling of complete loss of self-control. Then we added that the last kind of chorus kinda ending bridge thing in with a beat cut and once we heard that shit drop we lost our minds, then we knew it was ready.

We’ve heard that RUNOFFBROKE captures a unique sound labeled “Bi-Polar Hip Hop”. Could you share with our readers how you channel your emotions to write from two sides of the same story?

I like to think of all of my conceptual material, from 2 different angles, there’s the mindset of me right now paying rent and eating every day, and the mindset of me back then living in shitholes and taking drugs all the time. When I give myself some time I find that I can think from both perspectives and come up with 2 different opinions on my issues. Like your doubting yourself, either take care of yourself a little better or go fuck yourself. As un-deep as that bullshit is every story has more than a few sides and trying to capture that is a goal for me.

In regards to your recent single “Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ, you portray your invigorating sound with precision and exceptional delivery. How did RUNOFFBROKE write lyrics for “Sins” Ft. NINETY7HERTZ, and where did the original lyric inspiration draw from?

I wanted the lyrics to hit hard so I went for crazy multi syllables while trying to be as honest as possible like I do wanna get in your girlfriend's butt and that bag of crack in your living room simultaneously, so I may as well say it cause who else is saying weird shit like that these days? Mostly I just wanted to capture some feeling of being lost while eventually completely loving it, and slowly just accepting the fact that deep down I’m just a junkie who likes to rap. 

We’ve heard that RUNOFFBROKE began playing gigs at the young age of 13! Do you think your music has grown and changed with you over time, or do you still try and incorporate the same values and overall sound?

I’m completely different from how I used to spit. It used to be a lot of corny government rap shit but nowadays I’d rather just be honest to who I am, I’m no political activist I’m just some dude from Ireland that’s been in a few too many crazy situations and that’s more interesting than pretending I care about Chemtrails.