Rapper Shogun Jizzol Brings the Energy Level Up

Hailing from Kansas City, rapper on the rise, Shogun Jizzol is introducing himself to the Hip-Hop community with vigor. Rapping is an intrinsic talent for Jizzol. Once known for his intense, trapped-out Hip-Hop music, Shogun Jizzol is beginning to branch out and experiment with aspects of different genres. He has recently been opening up to the idea of more laid back music – still containing his signature vivid images – that release feelings of relaxation and good vibes.

While he is now sharing his musical versatility and diversity, he is best known for his hard-hitting beats and fire verses. Shogun Jizzol creates his tracks for one main reason – a party. He wants his songs to be wild, upbeat, and encourage shameless behavior. His lyrics generally promote a lifestyle of lavish wealth, nights out on the town, and physical attraction. Shogun Jizzol has his fans yearning for more of his high-energy tracks.

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