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Raquel Kiaraa Reaches Out to the Powers Above with, "Dear Jesus"

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the contemporary soul-pop artist and singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa releases her hopeful sophomore single entitled "Dear Jesus."

Evading pop archetypes with her soulful and poetic lyricism, Raquel Kiaraa is living proof that with enough determination and resiliency, anything is possible. Well on her way to becoming a radio-ready household name, Raquel Kiaraa is bound to swoon any listener with her stories of love, loss, and redemption.

Sparking a needed conversation with the lord and savior above through her latest single, "Dear Jesus," Raquel Kiaraa calls on the spiritualists, the impious, and faith followers akin.

When speaking upon the single, Raquel Kiaraa mentioned this, "Whether we identify as religious, spiritual or not, we all share the same desire to know that we, and our loved ones, will be ok and make it through."

Plunging into the single, "Dear Jesus," Raquel Kiaraa introduces us to the emotional piece through her heavenly vocals. With help from a magnetic and passionate piano melody, Raquel Kiaraa makes the experience all the more personal with her vulnerable lyricism that calls on Jesus to help, guide, and listen.

We truly feel a sense of togetherness through this single, as Raquel Kiaraa later goes on to mention that from time to time, she steers away from the light above, but when it all goes south, she later reaches out for a helping hand. As the downtempo instrumentals continue to expand with warm electric guitar riffs, airy drum breaks, and Raquel Kiaraa's soothing background vocals, the song comes to a close, and we're left in awe of her brilliant soundscapes and relatable lyricism.

Find a helping hand during these trying times with help from Raquel Kiaraa's latest single, "Dear Jesus," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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