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Rasha Jay Releases "Red Coat"

Rasha Jay is a rock act from the small town of Owings, Maryland. Like Big Mama Thornton and Sister Rosetta Tharp before her, she is not afraid to break convention by diving headlong into a world which has consistently been a domain for white men. Rasha has taken rock back to its roots while also managing to keep her music fresh and urgent. Taking her cue from musical mavericks such as Prince and Foo Fighters, Rasha Jay is a breath of fresh air that the rock genre was crying out for. As a child, she was inspired by her uncle Larry’s record collection, learning to embrace different musical styles and have confidence in her own voice, described by Rasha herself as “a previous time when women wailed with no apology.”

BuzzMusic is proud to present a fresh new single by Rasha Jay called “Red Coat”. This is the first look and lead single from her forthcoming EP called “High Dive”. “Red Coat” is a genre-bending, mind-altering, head-bob inducing tune, beginning with a simple drum beat upon which Rasha Jay’s soulful vocals are immediately showcased. Soon the song picks up with electric guitar and bass riffs sitting on top of a slightly more intensified drum beat. In a matter of seconds, Rasha Jay’s vocals explore a wide palette of sounds, from raspy lows to soaring highs, and her delivery is attention-grabbing. The slow-building nature of the song shows great restraint and song arranging ability. “Red Coat” is a welcome glimpse into the talents of Rasha Jay, and we are excited to hear the rest of the “High Dive” EP!

Listen to "Red Coat" here and get to know more about Rasha Jay below!

Thanks for chatting with us! You’re from a small town in Maryland. Was there much of a music scene there growing up?

Yes lots of music coming from nearby Washington DC and Baltimore, both having their own distinct styles so I was blessed to have all of that music on the radio, and local shows.

You have a new single called “Red Coat” from your upcoming EP. Is there a particular meaning or message behind the music in this case?

“Red Coat” is an abrasive, honest point of view about not fully being in love with someone. Not so much about being afraid of it, but seeing things you don't like, so you can’t go all the way in!’ You’ve wrapped yourself up, for now.

Would you mind describing what your writing process is like?

Wow, that’s tough. I write all the time, I hear melodies from windshield wipers. I’ve been inspired by one word, an overheard phrase, a color. I start out with my lyric melodies first, then build the music around it.

You seem to have a wide variety of sounds in your music. Would you attribute that to a wide range of influences?

Yes, I was fortunate enough to have heard so many genres of music as a kid, and I continued my love and openness for different styles since then. I only care if the song moves me.

What can we look forward to seeing from Rasha Jay in the future?

I have some shows lined up in April, I cannot wait, performing is my sleigh ride. Red Coat’s video is going to be released soon! And then the next single from this EP.


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