Rashawn Banz Fuses Genres and Touches Your Soul in “Not the One”

St. Louis Singer and Songwriter Rashawn Banz has just come out with a dreamy single “Not the One.”

Aiming to create a song where his audience can slow down and feel everything, his passion bleeds through every lyric. With lyrics that highlight the love and internal conflicts, he is able to reach just about any audience member through relatable experiences. 

Rashawn Banz immediately lets fans know that he is not playing around with his new release “Not the One.” The song opens with an electronic soundscape mixed with an electric guitar solo, showcasing his ability to seamlessly fuse the most alluring flavors of Rock and Hip-Hop. 

Rashawn Banz introduces his vocal talent with a simple melody that continues to hype the listener up for the rest of the song. Once he begins to sing, the entire soundscape from its beat to its subtle echos hits like a tidal wave of passion. His vocals have an electronic vibe comparable to the likes of Travis Scott, while they are simultaneously nonchalant like 6lack.

Layered over a soulful trap beat, background vocalists hum the melody to give “Not the One” its R&B edge. If you’re the type of music lover who is intrigued by the lo-fi, melancholic Hip-Hop songs of today, Rashawn Banz is a new one to add to your playlists.

Could you tell us about your inspiration for “Not the One,” and how it developed from an idea into a soulful track?

The inspiration for “Not the One” comes from my experience of moving to LA recently. I’ve noticed that a lot of people here are chasing after something. Whether it be their dreams, personal goals, or whatever they believe will level up their life. People are very preoccupied with self, yet everyone craves intimacy in some form. So I created a scenario where two people are uninterested in Love, and they engage in sexual gratification without the expectations usually associated with relationships. 

Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics of “Not the One?”

I pretty much allow the listener to interpret the music however they see fit. But if I had to elaborate, I would say that the message here is that you don’t always have to give away so much of yourself in exchange for a little validation. There are other people out there who understand the importance of putting yourself first, and you can find someone who is willing to respect your boundaries so that you are not denied intimacy while you are working on yourself. 

Are there any artists that have inspired your musical style over the years? How do they influence you?

Artists that have inspired my musical style? I would have to say definitely The Weeknd and Future. I tell myself often that if I could compose my music to evoke the emotion of the listener like The Weeknd, but with swag and flow like Future, I could create something special. 

We noticed that you incorporated small aspects of a variety of genres in “Not the One.” We especially enjoyed the soulful electric guitar to open and close the song! Can you describe the genres that inspired you for this song, and how you meshed them together?

Genre is difficult for me. I never think about it when I’m creating. I just end up with music that has a variety of different elements, and it makes it hard when I have to describe it to people or submit it to playlists because I never really know what category to put it in. For “Not the One”, I enjoyed the guitar bringing the rock feel to the track while still maintaining the hip hop/r&b mood.  What goals do you hope to reach by the end of the year?

I’m actually working on a new project and I’m aiming to be finished by the end of the year.