Rated R Superstarr Provides Three-Dimensional Listening Experience on "Holograms"

Our next feature artist, Rated R Superstarr, comes to us from Toronto, Canada. Rated R Superstarr credits his musical taste from his mom, who introduced him to legendary musical shakers such as Aaliyah, Mary j Blige, and Sizzla Kalonji. With his career in an upwards trajectory, Rated R Superstarr has released two EPs and one full album with almost 50,000 listeners worldwide. His latest release, "Holograms'' is a fast-moving, heavy-hitting track.

"Holograms" beckons you into the track with a reverberating synth sound, the sound is deep and heavenly like a synthesized organ. The beat skips and Rated R enters the soundscape. His raps dominate with a deep resonating tone that interchange from low frequency to quick, spouting lyrics layered with a synthesized vocalization. Rated R does an astounding job at making the track feel like a real hologram. The sound atmosphere skips and trips over itself like a crackling holograph, and the synthesized vocal stylings echo throughout the sound profile. "Holograms" features a deep, low-frequency beat that grinds along the floor of this dope track. Rated R Superstarr brings a chopper technique to his clever rhymes that will leave your head spinning by his rap prowess. We loved this fired up track, and we know you will love "Holograms," too.

Listen to "Holograms" here.

Hello Rated R Superstarr and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest track "Holograms." Can you start by telling us a bit about the track and the meaning behind it?

“Holograms” is the lead single from my recent album “Crimson” this song came from the anguish id been feeling before writing that song and how I overcame it. So To me, this song is a Breath of Fresh Air from a Polluted life. We overcome adversity and somehow things manage to work out.

What is the hip-hop scene like in Toronto, and how has the community influenced your music?

the hip-hop Scene of Toronto is Really Cutthroat, with Most artists thinking there too good for the other. There is little unity within the city everyone wants to be the next big thing out of Canada. Even when other artists Find each other Talented it's more so A competition rather than a Collaboration. The Toronto Sound Can Be anything from neo-soul, Alternative Rnb to Drill Music. I'm doing My best To Create My own Spin on an already rich Canadian sound.

"Holograms" literally gives the feeling of a holographic image. What feeling did you want to impress upon the listener?

I wanted the Listener To feel Playing Like A Winner and all there Problems can Go Away at least For The 2 mins the song is playing we all go through Things we all overcome them. That small feeling when of the light at the end of the tunnel That's “Holograms”

What does the song creation process look like for you?

When I write songs I Get into a Zone where All a can hear is the beat. I listen for melodies in the Beat structure and jot them. With my point and melodies, I Craft the Song with my engineer. I lay down the song layer by layer than Have my Engineer (gabriel LA) mix It 10 time Till we feel the track is ready to Be Mastered and Released

What's next for you?

I just released an Album “Crimson” on June 25, 2020. So I'm looking to start working on a collaboration Project with My Label Mates as wells as a Short Film We Started Working on.