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Rationale Reveals His New Song "Whiskey Regrets” Featuring UK Singer-Songwriter TS Graye

Tinashé Fazakerley was born and raised in Zimbabwe and creates his music under the name Rationale. Rationale is a multi-instrumentalist who now resides in London, England, and has been producing soulful R&B music since 2015. He has recently come up with a song that represents a friend’s experiences of missing an ex-love interest called “Whiskey Regrets.”

The initial reaction to Rationale’s “Whiskey Regrets” will be exactly what music lovers are searching for – his song is shockingly artistic. Rationale collaborated with artist fellow UK singer-songwriter TS Graye who’s an angelic voice takes this track to the next level. “Whiskey Regrets” opens up with Rationale’s gentle vocals along with a subtle percussion beat transporting you to a place of serenity. He quickly adds a finger snap at every beat, and TS Graye joins in the vocals soon after. Combined with an acoustic countermelody, the intro to “Whiskey Regrets” is the soulful masterpiece that chill loving music fans, will die for. Lyrically, he sings about the memories that last from a relationship. “Whiskey Regrets” is not only a musical gem, but it is a song that fans will be able to relate to. Having discovered his musical passion through finding solace in music, Rationale has successfully shared this outlook with his fans. “Whiskey Regrets” is the chill track you have been looking for; it is a song you will want to listen to on repeat.

Listen to "Whiskey Regrets” here.


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