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Rauly Will Make Listeners Groove With New Single “Thinkin Bout It”

From Fullerton, California, Multi-Talented artist Rauly has been performing since 5. The singer-songwriter, musical theater performer, guitarist, and producer have perfected his sound ever since. His goal is to bring fans a unique blend of genres which he has been proving to be true time and time again.

In February of 2021, Rauly was in school, getting his Masters in Finance and Analytics from Santa Clara University. He saw on Instagram that platinum-producer Charlie Heat was taking music submissions looking for unsigned artists to collaborate with. Rauly submitted his music to Charlie and eventually received a reply saying that his music sparked his attention.

Rauly released his debut single “In The Eyes,” produced by Charlie Heat and Busco in January 2022, and his second single, “This Is Love,” in February. Since releasing this music, he has been featured on platforms such as Audiomack, OutNow, and Ones To Watch. DiscoverNu said, “Rauly effortlessly combines indie and pop with elements of hip-hop…it’s catchy and relatable with a lot of mainstream appeal.”

Rauly proves this feedback even more true with his newest single, “Thinkin Bout It.” “Thinkin Bout It” puts a spotlight on the talented young artist as he entirely produced this song on his own. His production style, mixed with his unique singing ability, showcases why Rauly is in this for the long game.

Rauly’s youthful, smooth and energetic style creates a bright vibe that puts us in a great mood. This radio-ready single will have listeners moving. It’s Bruno Mars-esque, where the production is big and poppy with elements of hip hop and funk. Rauly’s vibrant tone blends perfectly with the groovy beat. However, as fun as the record is, the subject where Rauly is singing about can quickly get you in your feelings.

The song takes you on a journey through the mind of a young romantic who is at first conflicted with his last love. Lyrics like “Because of you I got a head full of doubt” and “why’d you turn your back on me, I tried to make you so happy” are common thoughts and emotions that most of us have gone through at one time or another.

The storyline Rauly sings to us is expressed in such a relaxed manner that you can easily forget that he is going through a heartbreak. The relatable lyrics stick out to us, especially towards the song's end where he says,” Now I’m hittin ignore when you call me late, cause I already know you’re gonna say.” The tables turn, and now that his ex is the one going after him, he creates that “Carefree, I’m going to do my own thing” attitude, which is sometimes exactly what we need! Rauly helps us move on from our ex-romance as we belt out the lyrics during a nighttime drive.

Congratulations on your new hit single, "Thinkin Bout It"! We adore the energy of this record! Was there a specific moment or event that inspired you to create this record?

Thanks so much. I appreciate ya'll!! This record was definitely inspired by a breakup I went through a couple of years ago. I wrote it to help me process and get through the emotions I was feeling at that time. I think the song could help some people the same way it helped me.

We love that you wrote and produced the record yourself! Can you please give us a brief breakdown of your creative process? What came first, the production or the lyrics? Or was it simultaneous?

Yes, thanks, it was dope to release a song I produced myself, and it definitely won't be my last! I started writing this song on guitar with the lyrics, then added the other production parts after.

You've painted the portrait of many people's current situations with "Thinkin Bout It." What advice would you give to someone trying to move on from a toxic relationship?

My best advice would be to put your foot down and entirely cut them out of your life. It can be hard to see your life without someone, so you keep giving them chances, answering their phone calls, accepting apologies, and staying in this cycle. It takes time to realize that you can be just as strong as a person, if not stronger, without them. So block their number, unfollow them on social media, and look forward because I promise it may seem like you'll never find a relationship again, but you will and with someone better!!

Incredibly, you began performing at just five years old! Please give us a glimpse into how your musical journey began and how that passion evolved into what you create today?

So when I was five years old, I started musical theater and didn't stop until I got into high school. I loved being in theater but enjoyed the singing aspect of theater the most. I started playing guitar at eight years old and fell in love with it. I had the opportunity to join an alternative band in high school and performed original songs and covers with them at various venues throughout Southern California. We all got into different colleges and went our separate ways, so I started to write my stuff. I was heavily influenced by hip-hop in high school, so I added that element to my writing new music. Now, I've combined all of these influences: musical theater, acoustic pop, alternative rock, and hip-hop into the music you hear from me today and will listen to in the future :)

What's next for you?

Well, I will be releasing a lot more music! I also have my first show on 4/6 with Breaking Sound at Adults Only Bar in LA! I would love to see you there.


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