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Rayachaa Proves That You Always Have to Look Out For Number One

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Rayachaa began singing at the tender age of 4 years old. Rayachaa first experience with music was with hearing music from inside her mother’s womb. Being born into a family with a musical upbringing, the direct influence inspired her own artistic journey.

Focused on her own growth and sound as an artist, there’s no comparing this emerging 18-year-old to any other entertainer past or present. Filled with an inimitable sense of confidence, Rayachaa is eager to continue her route to the top.

The eclectic essence of her latest single, “ME” allows us to tap in with Rayachaa on a deeper level as an individual apart from the music. With the song's title directly playing into the subject matter addressed, there are assured transparency that’s exuded throughout this musical offering as we pander in the sweet vocalization of Rayachaa.

Backing her unswerving lyricism with powerful timbres that irradiate the spectrum of authenticity she tours us through, this effervescent instrumentation style has us picking up on hues of Pop as Rayachaa exposes a familiar twist to her Contemporary R&B sounds. Her melismatic vocal performance keeps us on the hook of every melody she sends out in a poignant manner. Emitting a vast display of harmonies that fill out the crooning resonance before us, Rayachaa pulls us into the bursting notes that peak our senses in a heightened presentation of a multidimensional virtuoso.

There’s no rebuffing the fact that Rayachaa’s sound is exclusive to her, and with the cemented path that she continues to explore, we’re open to the endless possibilities that vocal runs of this caliber will continue to deliver. Knowing that she’s the main prize, the poise inculcated into “ME,” has us surfing the prolific waves of Rayachaa first-hand.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rayachaa, and congratulations on the release of your new single, “ME.” Self-love is a practice that many have yet to master, so hearing a song dedicated to yourself has us feeling all types of ways! What inspired you to take this route with your single?

I decided to come out with "ME" as my very first song release. I really want people to know who I am as an artist and as a person. My goal is to motivate and help others learn to appreciate and love themselves. What motivated me to write a song about myself and loving myself was wanting to spread a message of self-love. Body image is definitely a constant struggle for so many people and I want to let people know to be happy the way they are. As an artist, you can have a tremendous influence over people, especially young people so it's important to portray positivity through my music. What do you hope that your fan base can take away from the messaging and themes discussed in this single?

The message that I would like my fans to grasp is that no matter what you look like, what size you wear, what color or texture your hair is, you're unique and special in your very own way. I want them to know that being original, one of a kind, and different is awesome! There is only one you on this planet, embrace that. How does a track like “ME” compare to other songs you’ve previously released? Were there any similarities or differences in the creative process that you took on?

"ME" is my very first single released. I have written other songs about love, perseverance, etc. The way that I would compare "ME" to other songs I've written would be to simply say that the message is totally different. It is looked at as a self-love and self-care song. I wanted to shed some light on my very own personality and physical attributes. I have been skinny my entire life and I was heavily made fun of by kids in school. My parents taught me to love the way I was wonderfully made and it always resonated with me. I have always loved myself and it's important for people to love themselves. I am so happy that "ME" teaches people to embrace the way they look and their own unique personalities. Always being surrounded by music, what direct influences do you find speak into the sound you’ve crafted for yourself?

I would have to say that the music I listened to growing up and some of my favorite artists has definitely influenced me and plays a part in my own unique sound. I listened to Ariana Grande so much growing up and I absolutely love her voice. I am also a huge Michael Jackson and Selena fan! What's next for you?

I plan to release a video for my song "ME" in September, look out for it! I will also be releasing more music and several other projects are on the way! I am in the works of scheduling live performances throughout New York City. I am certainly excited for my future within the music industry and hope my fans and new fans can stay tuned and watch my growth!


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