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Rayko Releases New Single "Stay Alive"

Rayko is a vocalist, composer, and multi-talented instrumentalist from Los Angeles. She’s never stopped writing since her first composition at age 5. She was born in Tokyo but moved here at s young age to pursue her passions. Her musical tastes range from Abba to Zappa and her drive an ambition for music led her to learn to play the piano, guitar and drums. She’s even currently learning the Japanese Koto and electric violin. Rayko’s vocal style is as unique as her taste in music, ranging from death metal to classical and jazz.

Rayko’s expansive knowledge of composition and ear for details led her to compose the beautiful and uplifting single “Stay Alive”. As the title insists, this song is about suicide prevention, a very important subject to write about. It’s a raw and moving arrangement of light piano and powerful drums. The vocals, performed by Robert Biehn add even more vulnerability to the songs already heartwarming message. The beginning of “Stay Alive” really highlights the disparity and unfortunate reality of depression. The song slowly turns around and becomes more uplifting “But turn around, I’m here with open arms” is a perfect lyric to describe pleading with someone that suffers with depression that you are always there for them in their moments despair. The moving piece “Stay Alive” composed by Rayko is what we need more of in today's music industry. The beautiful message within the lyrics fused with Rayko’s finely calibrated instrumentals make “Stay Alive” an astounding single. Stay on the lookout for more compositions from Rayko.

Give a listen to Rayko's "Stay Alive" here, and be sure to check out the artists music video below!


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