RAZAtwn Gives Motivation From Experience in His Single “Account”

RAZAtwn is an artist that's making waves with his music. RAZAtwn has many layers and different components to his artistry will have you compelled. He presents some of these elements in “Account”. “Account” has a complex lyrical delivery, composed of intricate metaphors and texturized bars. It has an elemental lo-fi vibe in the production of the beat, fused with a notable bass to make this single energized enough to keep you hyped.

“Account” was head-banging with its sublime touch. RAZAtwn delivery was fire! He conveys his lyrics with attitude and tenacity, giving the listener this tough appeal to the single. RAZAtwn is a powerful artist. This dynamic individual found that writing music has helped mold him into the uplifting person he is today. He infuses his outstanding character in his music, thus giving the listener hope and dignity when they listen to him. “Account” gives you a push to get your money! Financial stability is the theme we found when listening to “Account”. RAZAtwn tells a story in “Account” with impactful yet soul easing sounds that you will not forget. “Account” was a poignant hit that had us compelled by its dimensional lyricism and tough delivery.

Listen to “Account” by RAZAtwn here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic RAZAtwn! Who would you consider some of your main inspirations growing up and why?

Thank you! I appreciate you guys for having me. Some of my main inspirations growing up? Damn, that’s a hard question because there is so much that inspired my curiosity during my youth.  I can go from Kanye West to Bollywood/Hollywood Cinema to 50 Cent to Linkin Park to Lil Wayne. I can go on for days honestly. To really narrow it all down though, I’d have to say Kanye West. Kanye to me was always the guy that didn’t fit in to that social norm of a rapper at the time. He literally threw rocks shattering glass ceilings and that kind of inspired me to do the same with my life.

Your musicality is quite unique and dope! What are some elements you experimented with in your single “Account”?

It’s funny because most of my music before this wasn’t really all braggy and boasting, it used to be pretty lowkey, dark and spoke about struggle. While the homie GraffBeatz was making the beat, I felt the need to use the element of imagination. It wasn’t because I felt I had nothing to say, it was more of me using my creative storytelling with this one. It felt good because like I said to the homies that were around while this song was being made, it’s just manifesting words into reality. Also, TheoThoughtless dropped by with the feature and I think that added something cool to the mix.

How would you describe the theme behind “Account”?

Manifestation. Hear how the production sounds, hear the grittiness in the mix, listen to the words we are saying. That shit sounds like a dope ass dream. This is equivalent to me looking to myself in the mirror and saying “I’m a dope human being, I’m gonna prove these haters wrong. I’m a flash these bills in they face” I can imagine a kid tryna make something of himself dreaming about this at night and smiling. That probably sounds creepy and weird but it’s the only way I can describe it to you. 

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Account”?

this was how the room looked like during the making of Account: It was 3am. Graff Beatz was cooking the beat while drinking a cold PBR, Theothoughtless was drinking coffee, writing the verse and I was taking frequent trips to the bathroom vomiting because the couple hours before was wild. I have to say shaking the funk out was the most challenging part, hahaha. On a serious note, there was really nothing challenging when creating Account, it was a good vibe and we all believe in ourselves. When you have that, the aura is good and that’s when the music comes out good.