RBSN Premieres a Live Video Session off of His Upcoming EP

RBSN is synthesizing some serious sounds, and collectively creating the sound that is exclusive to him. We've been incredibly intrigued by the artistic abilities of RBSN, especially with the upcoming release of his debut EP "Soul Searching" on January 22nd. The EP consists of five tracks that each has its intricate crafting to ensure a dynamic experience for the listener.

We are thrilled to announce the premiere of RBSN's brand new music video recorded live at Contemporary Cluster, titled "Foreover". We loved the live session reording, it's raw and it's real. The melody is incredibly slow and whimsical which pairs beautifully with the visual and overall mood of the video. The characteristic guitar soundings are back, and they set the entire mood of the track. "Foreover" advances and builds up to a heavier vocal delivery once we hit around halfway through the track. The vocal is beautiful on this track - the live recording of "Foreover" really emphasizes the emotion that builds throughout the song. "Foreover" is the perfect track to give an exclusive look into what you can expect from his debut EP "Soul Searching". We can't wait to hear it!

Hey there RBSN! It's great to get the time to chat with you about your upcoming EP release of "Soul Searching" set for January 22nd, 2020! How did you feel about this release? How long have you been crafting the sound of this EP?

Hey, Folks thanks for asking! We’re all very excited and kinda want to see the whole thing out there from start to finish. The sound was the easiest thing to bring to an end, it was a fantastic process and the tracks came out in a very personal and not self-conscious way. That’s owed to Luca Gaudenzi’s sorceries and the elements we both bring to the table at some point. We started recording the tracks in 2017 and from that point on we really shaped a vision more than just a sound. After almost three years of the identity, as well as the direction of the project, is well defined, we tried to blend all jazz and soul with rock and I think we succeeded! (we’re also very excited to be working on new awesome tracks)

As your first EP, "Soul Searching" captured the essence of what truly is the sounding of RBSN. Out of the five-track EP, which track would you say resonated with you the most?

I wrote those tracks when I was 18yr, so the whole process was really coming out of the shell for me. Showing those tunes to skilled and talented people was a bet all along but I found the right people to work with. Therefore the substance of the tunes remained unaltered and the way they’re delivering got so much more detailed and beautiful. For that reason, I think “Move” is the one track that touches everyone in the crew as well: we all worked around it together and nailed a new sound that really represents where the project is going soundwise as well as visually. A video created by me and directed by Brando Pacitto is out for that.

Talk to us and our readers about the video for "Foreover", a video live session of one of the singles off of the EP!

It was A lot of Fun! We shot the sesh in a 16th-century building in Rome (The Contemporary Cluster), Luca Gaudenzi and Dario Felli engineered it abundantly well and Jumping Flea Studio (Manuel Grieco, Alessandro Lazzi) filmed it. It is a very personal song and the arrangement is very different from the studio version. It really resembles what happens when we play live so we hope that who will watch will dig that.

What are some goals you have set for yourself throughout 2020 artistically?

2020 gets us very excited. The crew has enlarged itself and our entourage works amazingly well together now. We’re creating a lot of material for both live performances and new releases, so you’re really going to see some different things now. As well we want to bring the new set around and spread the music in the various places of the world so maybe coming to a place near you?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us about "Soul Searching" and “Foreover”. Where are you headed now?

Europe is the new soil we’re testing in the next few months or so, the EP is almost out so we need to start where our fanbase is more florid. We’ll come back to the US for something big we all know well, but I’ll leave you with a reasonable dose of doubts!!! Thank you guys for having us!