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Read "Between The Lines," Of Kacey Fifield's Debut Album

17-year-old Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kacey Fifield is back and ready to attack with her long-awaited debut album entitled Between The Lines.

Releasing original music since the mere age of 10, Kacey Fifield knows her way around her craft like the back of her hand. She's recently been exploring the electronic music genre as a powerhouse vocalist, which has amassed her a dedicated following on all socials.

The recording artist and humanitarian recently released a collection of her previous electronic-pop singles tied together in one cohesive album, Between The Lines. Kacey Fifield says she took time and care to create 12 thoughtful, relatable, refreshing, and sometimes provocative songs representing her 17 years on the planet.

The new album opens with the introductory and title track, "Between The Lines," alongside producer Little Rain. It's a bouncy and emotional electronic-pop track that sees Kacey Fifield dissecting the pains of an emotional relationship. While Little Rain's sweet electronic sonics pump up the background, Kacey Fifield gives us her all, lays it on the line, and says she's ready to pack up her bags if this person can't read "Between The Lines."

In track number two, "Like Us," produced by Marin Hoxha, this lush single shimmers through the speakers with the radiance of young love and Kacey Fifield's sweet-sounding vocals. While expressing the love she holds for this special someone, Marin Hoxha keeps the energy alive with a chilling and melodic electronic beat drop that ramps up the passion in an instant. Two songs deep, and we're already head over heels for such a genuine record.

Onto a song we haven't heard yet, "Can't Forget," we're met with a 47-second interlude that bridges the previous songs into the next. While Kacey Fifield serenades us with her bright and shiny vocals, the soothing pop instrumentals linger in the background while she confesses the aftermath of a rough breakup, countless read receipts, and confusing experiences they've shared together.

Reaching track number four, "Doppelganger," Kacey Fifield spices up the intensity with her gripping vocal stylings and producer Nippandab's cinematic future bass production that glitters and gleams with emotion. Kacey Fifield's performance is so cathartic; she uses this track to express the broken trust that was once built and how this person played their role a little too well. It's a punchy and relatable track that sees Kacey Fifield in a more vulnerable state.

Onto a track we've had the chance to feature before, "Toxic," this banger of a single is produced by Nippandab, who's clearly mastered the future house/bass genre. He lays the spicy and upbeat foundation for Kacey Fifield to unleash her crisp vocals about this toxic person while wishing to understand their logic. It's an exciting house bop that leaves you moving, grooving, and chanting along with Fifield's lyrics.

Diving into track number six, "Karma Calls," featuring producer Toniia, we're met with Kacey Fifield's haunting vocal melodies and Toniia's buzzy, melodic production. As Fifield continues mustering the courage to express her truest emotions, she floods our speakers with all sorts of realizations that karma will return to those who've done her dirty. It's another cathartic and expressive song that dissects the lowest points of where relationships can bring us.

Produced by Ricardo Padua, the seventh track, "Double Agent," kicks off like a breath of fresh air with the sweetest background synths, progressive drums, and Kacey Fifield's contemplative lyrics. While singing of knowing this particular person is doing her dirty and being a "Double Agent" in love, she ramps up the courage to bestow the cold hard truth and let it be known that she's watching her back for sleazy people like this.

Reaching track number eight, "Palms," this is a song we've had the chance to feature in the past, and we're thrilled it made the cut. Produced by Little Rain, this lush and tropical-sounding single takes us deep into the "Palms" with Kacey Fifield's radiant vocals and lyrics that speak about savoring the time with someone special. It's one of those beaming summer singles that lets you cherish the moment around you and live in the present.

Onto another piano-centric interlude, "Parasocial," we're greeted with bouncy piano melodies and Kacey Fifield's chilling vocal stylings that dissect a "Parasocial" relationship. This one-sided relationship sees Fifield giving all the possible effort she could, only to wallow in someone else's confusing ways and mind games.

Produced by Robbie Rosen, the album's tenth track, "5 Seconds Of Fame," opens with bright and cheerful synth arrangements alongside lush pop drums that lead into Kacey Fifield's harmonious and honest vocals. She dives into expressive lyrics about someone who would quite literally do anything for that brief "5 Second Of Fame." Rosen's soothing and melodic production perfectly enhances Kacey Fifield's blunt performance, prompting a few humorous smiles from her witty lyrics.

Hitting play on track number eleven, "Say It," Kacey Fifield explores the sensations and feelings she experiences when someone special says her name like a symphony. Produced by Noble, the punchy and groovy electro-pop sonics keep the energy alive while Kacey Fifield unleashes her hidden emotions regarding this person. It's quite a refreshing piece that helps us relive those moments of falling in love with someone new.

Landing on the album's twelfth and outro track, "Younger Self," Kacey Fifield bestows the most reflective, personal, and vulnerable song on the album. Produced by Toniia, this lush pop song sees Kacey Fifield's counting her accomplishments and looking back at the peaks and valleys of her journey, knowing that her "Younger Self" would be proud. It's a feel-good listening experience that perfectly culminates the entire album on a note of hope, dedication, and resilience.

There's nothing we encourage more than to take a deep dive into Kacey Fifield's personal world with her highly-anticipated 12-track debut album, Between The Lines, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kacey Fifield. A big congratulations on releasing your anticipated debut album, 'Between The Lines.' When did you start piecing together ideas for this record? How long was the album in the making?

The very first song that I got the idea for was Like Us! We started on that one last July, so the album has been over a year in the making (wow, time flies!). Since then, some months were crazy productive, where I came up with a ton of different ideas and recorded a bunch of songs, and others were more of a lull. I had such a great time working with the incredible producers on the album!

Was there a particular concept or theme you wanted to tie into your debut album, 'Between The Lines?' What did you want to share with listeners through this album?

As the name suggests, the album takes a deep look at all of the underlying emotions and thoughts found “between the lines.” It focuses on all things unwritten, subliminal, and secret. The songs are all about complicated relationships with people, whether that be a satirical critique of the nature of fame, a self-reflection, or a heartfelt message to a lost friend. I worked with 7 incredible music producers to create these 12 tracks, and I’m so excited for everyone to hear them!

Do you have a favorite song from 'Between The Lines?' What makes that song so important to you?

I’m so incredibly proud of every song on the album! But the very last song that I wrote for the album was Doppelgänger, and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I got the idea while doing my skincare routine, and as soon as I thought of it, I knew that it had to be on the album, and I knew that it was the last one that I wanted to add.

What was it like working with an array of talented producers when creating the songs for 'Between The Lines?' What did you learn or take away from those collaborations?

Working with so many talents from across the globe was such an amazing experience. All of their brilliant tracks perfectly suited my lyrics and melodies and truly brought the album to life. My biggest takeaway was definitely the importance of collaboration!! When multiple minds work together and use their strengths, magic can be made. Shout out to my producers: Marin Hoxha, Nippandab, Toniia, Little Rain, Robbie Rosen, Ricardo Padua, and Noble, for being a huge part of my debut album.

Now that you've continued exploring the electronic-pop genre with 'Between The Lines,' do you think you'll stay on this sonic path for your future releases? Or might you branch out into other genres?

I definitely love working with electronic-pop tracks, and I absolutely want to continue using this musical style in future projects. I’d also love to continue exploring different genres as I keep growing as an artist!


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