REAPERZ Breathes Life Into Their Listener With “The Living Dead”

REAPERZ is the project of childhood friends Scott Low and & Max Westland, together they have premiered their newest debut single and music video titled “The Living Dead”. Laced with cathartic guitar riffs that are soon accented by evocative songwriting abilities, “The Living Dead” tackles the feeling of stagnation and monotony of the corporate 9-5 lifestyle and lack of awareness therein. It cultivates the true element of classic rock n roll with a striking arrangement in the electric guitar, absorbing the listener into something worthwhile.

While you continue to tread the journey of “The Living Dead” you experience a new dimension to the song at each turn of a stanza. Their songwriting is just incredible and their delivery? Even more immaculate! But the amazing factor came when we watched the visuals. Visually the video manifests itself as zany fight scenes and whacky speech bubbles as it takes a comical approach to zombie culture. It was pleasantly done, and we thoroughly were intrigued! Thus, keeping our interest in the song itself even higher! Wondering what “The Living Dead” is about lyrically? Well, why not find out by the artist themselves? The usage of comedy fused with in-depth messages and a whole lot of melodic rock n roll, REAPERZ is the band to be on the lookout for as this dynamic duo is sure to breathe life into the living dead! 

Give a listen to REAPERZ latest single here, and continue reading for the duos exclusive interview below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic REAPERZ! Tell us, how has the journey been thus far?

Yeah, so far so good. We recorded with Romesh Dodangoda in Cardiff back in February and it’s been a long four months. We are buzzing to finally have released our debut track and looking forward to dropping a couple more later in the year!

Where do you gather most of your musical influences from?

We very much have two different tastes in music but there is a small core of band that hit the spot for both of us and I guess these have steered us towards the sound we have currently.

Bands like: Queens of the Stone Age, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Biffy Clyro and a bit of old school Muse.

We loved “The Living Dead”. What was your most favorite aspect of creating this record from an artist standpoint?

The song itself had been around in demo form for a long time. One of the most exciting parts was being in the studio and watching it all come together. The finished sound is huge and we love that!

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “The Living Dead”?

I feel like a zombie every day of my life…

What’s next for you REAPERZ?

We recorded four tracks in February and will continue to release the other three towards the end of the year with a couple of tours on the cards as well - these are still in the works so can’t give too much away but likely to be towards the end of the year!


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