Rebecca Connelly Offers Moments of High-Energy and Relaxation in Multi-Faceted Album "California"

Today we bring Rebecca Connelly and her latest album, "California" to the BuzzMusic spotlight. As an intensely determined and passionate Pop artist, Rebecca Connelly aspires to create an inspirational and charming sound that can touch all listeners. Already performing at a multitude of venues, notably House of Blues right here in Los Angeles, as well as a vast array within Scotland, Rebecca has developed her stage presence alongside her musical presence!  We’re anticipating what Rebecca will do next.  Rebecca Connelly gets right into the bustling, high-energy performance with the first track titled "Famous by 30". We are in for an unusual experience with Rebecca Connelly's album.  The second track, "You Are Mine", has a methodically mellow performance. "So Near" has an undeniably smooth and collective passion.  The rhythm in "So Near" is easy to sway along to, and the lyrics provide an enriching experience from a listening standpoint. "So Near" makes it clear that Rebecca Connelly's voice is all sorts of authentic.  She produces a mystic and almost magical-like feel with the music she constructs.

Rebecca Connelly's enchanting theme is consistent across the fourth track on the album, "Kiss Me". This particular song begins slowly and delicately to form a memorable ballad. Once we approach the chorus of "Kiss Me", we immediately feel goosebumps with the intricacies of Rebecca's vocal sound. "Kiss Me" is definitively the spotlighted track on Rebecca's album.  It encourages listeners to come face-to-face with a myriad of emotions. Rebecca Connelly's charm continues with "We Are Love", where that bustling and spirited energy mixes with her charismatic vocal abilities. Listeners can feel the physical warmth that emulates from "We Are Love", and the soulful resolve is maintained throughout the track. "California" is the kind of track that can be listened to on multiple occasions, offering a thorough and complex blend of our favorite soulful and slightly country production.

"My Love" feels very delicate, yet bold in many ways. The vocal execution is much softer for the majority of the track, but then we surface at points where Rebecca Connelly’s vocals become explosive! The melody is light, but adds a dramatic feel to "My Love". The track itself feels inspirational, and Rebecca Connelly's overall performance is graceful. "Dark to Blue" is a song that offers a more intimate experience with Rebecca Connelly. As she moves through her story, we understand that it is filled with the darker elements involved with jealousy. The lighter elements involve redemption.

“Empty House" shakes things up a bit regarding production, and Rebecca brings more of a rustic and enriched performance to this song and performance. We feel the heartbreak "Empty House" expresses, and the hope that it ultimately holds. "Empty House" feels incredibly overwhelming with all of its elements strung together in a perfect listening embrace. "Empty Houses" ends with a soft ballad from Rebecca, and we feel as if we understand her better as an artist. The last track of the album, "One Small Step", is about a melody that we haven't yet heard in Rebecca Connelly's music. With a light organ presence, we feel the dramaticism of the introduction in "One Small Step”. This leads to a lively and vigorous performance from Rebecca. The intended message of "One Small Step" is again, very inspiring and sentimental. This song is the right kind of track to end Rebecca's recently debuted album, tying every element together in a final and grand listening experience.

Discover the intricacies of Rebecca Connelly in her latest album, "California", here.

Welcome, Rebecca Connelly! Wow! Congratulations on releasing your work, "California"! Taking a look back when you first debuted as an artist, how would you compare the sound of your music back then, versus the way it has been cultivated in "California"?

Thanks for having me! Wow, yeah it has been a wee while since I first released any music and yeah, my music has changed with me as I've grown up. I have a bit more to say and a lot more emotion behind the writing than I did when I first debuted. Moving countries and all the experience I have now compared to when I first started has absolutely given me this album material -  "California" has been an emotional album for me.

"Calfornia", being your second album release, was filled with charm and allurement, to say the least! Where do you typically extract your inspiration from in order to create an environment that's so incredibly elegant?

Thank you for the lovely compliment. I really enjoy the process of creating in the studio and seeing what happens.  When I am in the studio and we are laying the tracks down, that’s when all the exciting elements of the music start to appear. The layers of strings or guitars start to build and create imagery and storytelling. I think that's where most of the inspiration comes from, just being in the studio and focusing on the music 100%. The lyrics and the foundation are already there, it's just a case of building on that as creatively and beautifully as you can.

Let's delve deeper into one particular track off of "California". Your song, "Empty House", felt like it had an authentic message to pass on to listeners. What kind of story were you trying to get across with "Empty House", and how did you anticipate listeners would feel once listening to the track?

It's probably a bit of a tear-jerker - a deeply emotional song for me that has a few stories behind it. I first started writing the song after speaking to the mother of a good friend of mine who sadly took his own life. It's a song for women who have struggled to start a family or have lost a child or baby. I hope that whoever listens to the song can take some comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

You've collaborated with many involved in the music industry in order to create the prominent sounding of yourself today! Out of the many collaborations you've seen yourself do within your music career, what collaboration do you feel has aided in your artistic growth the most?

Oh, that's a tough wee question. I think everyone you work within creating music adds something to you and your sound and your development. I can't say one has aided me more than others. They are all different and I have grown in different ways artistically from each.. they have all brought me to where I am now.

Thanks, Rebecca Connelly, for chatting with us on the release of "California"! Are you currently planning a tour for this album release, and when can listeners expect to hear more from you?

Thanks so much, Buzz Music!!   I have quite a few mini-tours around Scotland and Northern Ireland throughout the year and I will also be performing at HearHer Festival in October.  You can find out more on my website