Rebecca Connelly Offers Moments of High-Energy and Relaxation in Multi-Faceted Album "California"

Today we bring Rebecca Connelly and her latest album, "California" to the BuzzMusic spotlight. As an intensely determined and passionate Pop artist, Rebecca Connelly aspires to create an inspirational and charming sound that can touch all listeners. Already performing at a multitude of venues, notably House of Blues right here in Los Angeles, as well as a vast array within Scotland, Rebecca has developed her stage presence alongside her musical presence!  We’re anticipating what Rebecca will do next.  Rebecca Connelly gets right into the bustling, high-energy performance with the first track titled "Famous by 30". We are in for an unusual experience with Rebecca Connelly's album.  The second track, "You Are Mine", has a methodically mellow performance. "So Near" has an undeniably smooth and collective passion.  The rhythm in "So Near" is easy to sway along to, and the lyrics provide an enriching experience from a listening standpoint. "So Near" makes it clear that Rebecca Connelly's voice is all sorts of authentic.  She produces a mystic and almost magical-like feel with the music she constructs.

Rebecca Connelly's enchanting theme is consistent across the fourth track on the album, "Kiss Me". This particular song begins slowly and delicately to form a memorable ballad. Once we approach the chorus of "Kiss Me", we immediately feel goosebumps with the intricacies of Rebecca's vocal sound. "Kiss Me" is definitively the spotlighted track on Rebecca's album.  It encourages listeners to come face-to-face with a myriad of emotions. Rebecca Connelly's charm continues with "We Are Love", where that bustling and spirited energy mixes with her charismatic vocal abilities. Listeners can feel the physical warmth that emulates from "We Are Love", and the soulful resolve is maintained throughout the track. "California" is the kind of track that can be listened to on multiple occasions, offering a thorough and complex blend of our favorite soulful and slightly country production.