Rebekah Ruyle Shares Her Honest Recollections of Life and Love in Debut EP

Coming from a musically-driven family, Indie/Pop artist Rebekah Ruyle has always known that the music scene was where she wholeheartedly belonged. Already performing in front of large crowds at the age of four, Rebekah Ruyle has consistently shown that music life is most definitely her forte.

With a heart full of passion, and a head full of personal stories, Rebekah Ruyle has finally debuted her EP in which she opens herself up to all listeners willing to receive her messages. 

Rebekah Ruyle's EP, 'Where There is Love, There is Life' begins with "Forever in Love", a mellow ballad that holds significant perspectives of Rebekah Ruyle's life.

"Forever in Love" holds a certain quality of innocence, and follows along with a love story personal to the artist. Listeners get an in-depth walkaround of the emotionality involved in Rebekah Ruyle's intimate life, as well as all of the positive thoughts that come along with it. We definitely felt an easy connection to Rebekah Ruyle in "Forever in Love" because it was quite easy to tell that she was sharing a vulnerable side of her to listeners.

The same kind of vulnerability extends itself for the EP's second track, "I Am Because You Were". With this particular song, Rebekah Ruyle slows things down in order to focus on the flow piano melody, and bring a certain kind of melodramatic feel to the song. She successfully did just that, and with the tracks serene properties, Rebekah Ruyle is able to wash a sense of angelic affection over listeners. Further, once you focus on the actual lyricism of Rebekah Ruyle, you may very well find yourself captivated by her understanding of life. 

'Where There is Love, There is Life' ends with the third and final track, "Photo Booth". Rebekah Ruyle adds a lighter feel to this track with her vocal styling, but the meaningful pull of the track is still ever so present.

"Photo Booth" picks up the mood and brings a more energetic essence to Rebekah Ruyle's EP. There's a certain liveliness to Rebekah Ruyle within "Photo Booth" that leaves us with the impression she has a natural spirited persona. There's more to "Photo Booth" than just the refreshing and stimulating production, and if you keep a close ear to Rebekah Ruyle's vocals, you'll successfully be able to follow along with her personal anecdote.

In the end, 'Where There is Love, There is Life' turned out to be an EP with various takeaways. Rebekah Ruyle has an inert passion for sharing her perspective, and we're intrigued to see other truths that Rebekah will unleash upon listeners in the near future!

Hello Rebekah and welcome to Buzzmusic, its great to have you with us. "Where There is Love, There is Life" brought about so many intriguing points about love, life, and all that comes in between. For our readers who haven't yet heard the EP, are you able to share what this release meant for you personally, considering how many personal thoughts were shared with listeners?

Good question! “Forever in Love” and “I am because you were” we’re both written during very tough times in my life. It was so important for me to share those songs with my listeners because it shows them what’s in my heart and they aren’t uncommon things to deal with. I’m hoping that it speaks to people who have gone through similar things and can relate and realize they aren’t alone. My main thought of releasing this whole EP is how proud my dad would be. He passed away almost 4 years ago when I was still a teenager transitioning into adulthood, and my whole life he was so supportive. He truly believed that music was where I was meant to be. I dedicated this whole EP to him because I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for him. 

Out of the three tracks presented on "Where There is Love, There is Life", which track required you to step out of your comfort zone artistically and personally?

I would definitely say “Photo Booth” made me step out of my comfort zone artistically and personally the most. That song was the most recent song written and I was going through a phase of writing more and learning where my sound comes from when it comes to guitar-driven music. It was written 100% acoustic, but when we got in the studio it totally transformed into a Banger I didn’t even know the EP needed! What's new for me because my songs rarely turn into something that bumpin’. Haha, This specific experience/story in the song didn’t happen to me, but I always get little details from my personal relationships intertwined in my songs so it’s still personal to me. I actually got the idea from the movie “When We First Met” and it morphed into a happy love story. 

What kind of spirit are you hoping to impart to listeners with your EP? Are you always hoping that you impart a specific feeling/emotion onto your listeners, or are you fluid with what they take away from your music?

I am definitely fluid when it comes to what my listeners experience when hearing my songs. I know how I felt, but everyone interprets things differently! As long as it impacts them in a way that they needed, that’s what I’m here for! 

What kind of next steps are you looking to take now that "Where There is Love, There is Life" is available on streaming platforms?

I’m looking to build a more sustainable audience. I would love for people to tell me what they would like to hear next! Fans are the most important part of any artist's career and I can’t wait to see how it grows and the impact I can make on even a single person!

What are you doing to stay inspired and passionate about your music throughout these tough times?

Music is a way to express what words can’t. I’ve definitely been fueled off of my emotions that have been brought up recently, whether it be compassion, anger, hurt, etc. even happiness! Because there’s always light in the darkness. I look at the media, I reflect on my personal life and what affects me, I look at my friends/family and see what they’re experiencing, etc. I use these emotions that I feel to create the sound of a song and then write lyrics from there. I try to write daily because it’s so therapeutic and I feel rejuvenated each and every time I finish a song.