Rebel Muzic Talks About "All Those Memories" in Their Latest Buoyant Single Release

New York's Electronic/House artist Rebel Muzik is here to show off his bright and Caribbean-inspired sound. As a music group who finds themselves inclined to create buzzing music that contains a ton of spirit, Rebel Muzik has consistently shown tenacity and passion towards the music scene.

Beginning in 2012, Rebel Muzic is driven to embed a variety of instrumental sounds into their music, with their most recent music touching on more familiar sounds from the House music scene. Directing themselves to be a unique and positively-inspired group, Rebel Muzik sets out to share that level of zeal with all listeners.

"All Those Memories" instantly felt very light and full of warming energy, primarily sourcing from the rhythmic and positive elements of the song. The track has a softly faint acoustic melody and glides effortlessly with its chosen soundscape. Rebel Muzik has created the right kind of chilled-out summer single with "All Those Memories." The pop/house elements that get brought to light heavily within the song's production is what allows the song to feel as light-hearted as it appears. The storyline fits perfectly with the whimsical atmosphere of "All Those Memories," bringing an inspirational sense to the song. "All Those Memories" offers a certain quality of liveliness, garnered towards a more laidback feel, and we're finding that we can't get enough of the positive feelings Rebel Muzik has to offer.

Was there a particular concept or storyline behind your recent single "All Those Memories"?

I wanted to produce something with emotion so I went with a lost love concept.

What was the creative process like when constructing "All Those Memories"? Do you have a certain creative system?

My creative process starts with programming the drums, once I get that vibe from the drums and percussion everything else just falls in place, with All Those Memories I layed down a simple drum pattern, went to building the chords and then the melody kind of appeared in my brain, like magic lol.

How does your single "All Those Memories" tie in with your upcoming EP  and what should we expect from the overall project?

All Those Memories is the first single from our debut EP coming in 2021, this EP is going to show the evolution from a traditional Caribbean sound to pop/dance/electronic but keeping that Caribbean influence.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Listening to great music from all different genres has kept me super inspired, this current pandemic brought some downtime which I used to explore new sounds from across the globe.