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Rebel Muzik's Latest Single Turns Our World "Upside Down"

Hailing from New York, the Trinidadian-American Production conglomerate Rebel Muzik teams up with Singer/Songwriter Tyler Sjostrom to release their upbeat dance tune, "Upside Down."

What makes Rebel Muzik stand out amid the heat of the Electronic industry is their ability to fuse their Caribbean sound into their music, keeping their roots as a staple sound. That being said, Rebel Muzik is continuously striving to create versatile music while seamlessly blending their heritage into the mix.

Regarding their latest single, "Upside Down," Rebel Muzik fueled this single with incredible vibes that take us to the warmth of their homeland, all while Tyler Sjostrom serenades us with his bright and melodic vocals. Driving a profound lyrical message within this song, we're excited to introduce this single for listeners to experience themselves.

"Upside Down" begins with floating background pads, airy drum patterns, and soothing keyboard melodies. As Tyler Sjostrom takes the stage with his shimmering vocal stylings, he starts singing a message of the cause and effect of our words and actions that turn many lives "Upside Down." We love the organic and powerful feel that Tyler Sjostrom exudes through his vocals, as he brings listeners into needed introspection.

We must note the broad and dynamic production within this single, as Rebel Muzik blends in the warmth of organic instrumentals while also allowing the staple steelpan drum to lead the song into success. The track offers vibrance from each intriguing aspect, especially through Rebel Muzik's in-depth production that gets us moving and grooving.

We're nothing but pleased with the versatility and vibes within Rebel Muzik's latest single, "Upside Down," as they touch on vital lyrical concepts while allowing the listener to lose themselves in the sonic warmth.

Hello Rebel, and welcome to BuzzMusic. When did you begin your creative process for the single "Upside Down?" What did you initially want to offer listeners through this piece?

The idea for this single didn't come till months after I built the skeleton for this beat, funny thing was, I was going to trash it before I sent it over to Tyler because I was honestly stuck with no direction, after I sent it to him, the rest was history lol, what I would like to offer listeners is the beautiful fusion combining Caribbean flavors with modern music.

Speaking on the exceptional feature from Tyler Sjostrom on "Upside Down," why did you choose to collaborate with him specifically? What was that process like?

Tyler had written some previous songs for us in the past so sending him ideas isn't a second thought and when he agreed to be featured on this track I knew it was going to be something special, he has a unique style that I really like and this dude can literally write fire to anything you send his way.

Could you bring us into the sonic creative process for your single "Upside Down?" How did the producers within Rebel Muzik split the work to be done?

The creative process was a strange one, because of the current pandemic and working from my home studio not everyone was able to be at the studio together so we relied on alot of zoom calls, where everyone would add their input verbally then I would transfer their suggestions to the session.

Seeing as your group tends to touch on the sonics of your heritage, how do you create each song to stand out from each other while still managing to bring your Caribbean sounds to the stage?

Even tho we love our Caribbean background, we try not to overdo it and force it on the listeners, so we would always add splashes of the Caribbean flavor to spice things up, whether it be in the drums or percussions or how we create the swing or bounce in our tracks or in this case we added the world-renowned steel pan or "steel drums" that originated in our homeland, Trinidad and Tobago.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

We already have a few more tracks lined up to release in the next few months where we tried a few new tricks we learned musically in the past few months that we are super excited to share!



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