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Rebellious Female Rock Band Red Red Lips Dominates With "My Own Thing"

The track  “My Own Thing” off the debut album Red Red Lips” released in 2018, is gaining significant amount of attention and generating all the correct buzz as it’s currently featured on the TV series promotion of “The Bold Type” for its season 3 trailer. Coincidentally complementing the titles of their promotion, “My Own Thing” is most definite bold with a fun, racy, and rebellious energy to get your heart pumping, fist bumping, and head rolling! Red Red Lips are chicks who like to rock with attitude and distortion! Their songwriting is a reflection of girl-power and catchy hooks that will capture your attention and draw you in as a fan (it’s the magnetic female aura you can’t resist!), and it’s highly representative in their record “My Own Thing” I love the scorching guitar riffs and the electrifying ear-piercing vocal pitch by the vocalist. Red Red Lips are showing us that females can rock equally as hard as males! Red Red Lips are here to dominate the rock industry and if you’re ‘living for the rush’ ( word to their release “Rush”) then you will be intrigued by this cultivating band! If you’re also wondering what visuals this band may have created, Red Red Lips released a music video alongside their song.

Empower your Spotify playlist with Red Red Lip's "My Own Thing," and connect with the band through their website!




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