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Rebounder Sets The Vibe With “Meet Me At The Bar”

Rebounder is the project of the NYC native, vocalist, and producer, Dylan Chenfield. With musical influences including Arctic monkeys and Joji, Rebounder released his debut track “Japanese Posters” earlier this year, receiving over 200,000 plays on Spotify and praise from Pigeons & Planes, Milk, and Lyrical Lemonade.

Rebounder released his latest single titled “Meet Me At The Bar” and it was a great mix of alternative and soft rock. What I loved most about this song was the pretty melody that was delivered. It sort of gave me cafe vibes. The entire aesthetic of “Meet Me At The Bar” was relaxing, and soothing. Not only that, but it gave me a transporting vibe into a different era and generation. For me, the song felt classic alongside timeless. I was able to place myself in a different environmental setting and time period while listening to this refreshing record. The song was just mesmerizing for me as a listener. The progressive rock elements and gorgeous chords from the instruments were absorbing. Rebounder gives his listener the true indie-alternative feeling and it encourages you to want to watch them live. The rebounder isn’t unfamiliar with delivering an exciting live show either! Having opened sold out shows in Toronto & New York with The Neighborhood & Porches on the back of the second single "Swim Zone," Rebounder knows how to keep the same energy! The laid-back and vibes of the song makes everything a little bit more relaxing for its listener and we’re just anticipating what Rebounder will come up with next.

Listen to "Meet Me At The Bar" here and get to know more about Rebounder below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to create the name “Rebounder”? What’s the meaning behind it?

I had a bad injury, and started recording a lot of songs while I was laid up. I didn’t want the name of the project to be my own, as a casual knicks fan it just felt like what it should be.

How does “Meet Me At The Bar” differentiate from “Japanese Posters”?

“Meet Me At The Bar” is on the more somber side. Although it has drums and moves quick, I would still call it a ballad because of its repeating, building choruses. I think its a bit more for the moonlight. Japanese Posters is a good time one for a few hours prior, that 8pm to midnight slot. 

What are some differences in your music style since your first release?

I think the newer stuff has a bit more of a groove to it, a bit more dancey, if thats a word.

What was it like supporting bands like The Neighborhood and Porches - that's amazing!

That was super cool. Those guys are really nice for having me. Both amazing acts to watch live. I just caught Jesse’s solo tour last week in New York and he killed it. 

What can we expect next from you? Do you have any upcoming performances?

We’re gonna play with Circa Waves @ Elsewhere in New York, then Laurel Live and Wonderbus Festival in Ohio, then I think a few more shows in the city. Hopefully La soon.


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