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Recapping Xavier Solis' Amicable Song, "Heartbeat"

Torontonian singer-songwriter Xavier Solis has been perfecting his musical craft for many years. With the guidance of church and gospel music, Xavier Solis was able to find his way not only as an artist but as an individual. Today, Xavier Solis dabbles in a multitude of genres, earning him the name of a genre-bending musical maker.

The last time Xavier Solis was featured on BuzzMusic he came out with a charming song, titled "Heartbeat." The song was written back in 2015 while Xavier Solis was still roaming the high school hallways. Nevertheless, the narrative contained within "Heartbeat" grasps so much more than the typical high school experience could explain.

Xavier Solis dug deep within his own emotions and heart to articulate the wording in his song. He expresses the limits of love, the anxiety that can surface as a result of strong love and the thoughts love itself can impede on someone's mind. With the particular storyline, Xavier Solis hoped that listeners could resonate in some type of way, and more specifically, hoped that listeners would grow their appreciation for the special people in their lives.

"Heartbeat" was a clear description of Xavier Solis' style. With the release, he emphasized that he's here to make an impact within the music community, and "Heartbeat" was only the beginning.

To read more in-depth about Xavier Solis and his song "Heartbeat," check out his full interview here.


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