Recent Rumors Will Leave You Wanting More With New Single “Boulangerie”

Recent Rumors were formed when four best friends came together to write and produce music that would inspire and touch their listener’s hearts. They emphasize through their music that life is short and should be enjoyed to the fullest while we still have it. They first began releasing music in 2017 with “Blow Me Away”, their first single. Since then, they have been able to travel and perform for fans around the world, all while gaining memorable experiences that will inspire their music for years to come.

Boulangerie” is the first single off of Recent Rumors’ latest EP entitled 'Heart Baby'. This track features a lively blend of classic pop/rock instruments and vocals that inspire happiness and dancing. Their nostalgic pop/rock sound reminisces of the kind you listened to when you were a kid, the kind with lyrics that make you believe you can conquer the world. Every band member puts on an energetic performance, which radiates positivity and raw love of music. The vocals speak to the listener during both the fast and energetic verses, and the emotional slow down at the end of the song. The relatable and whimsical lyrics are what connect the listener to the artist, and Recent Rumors have poured emotion into this song. They sing about dreaming of something bigger than yourself and your past and having the courage to chase that without looking back.

Listen to “Boulangerie” by Recent Rumors, here.

Can you tell us about how you chose the name for the song?

Thank you so much. The name “Boulangerie” came about before the track had any vocals. While saving the track, I (Tymothy) named it the first thing that popped in my head; a word I learned while listening to a French podcast. For some reason, it has always stuck out to me and because it was so different we decided to keep the name for the song. 

All of you were friends before deciding to form Recent Rumors, how long have you known each other? Did you always know you wanted a career in music?

Our history is all over the place. Tymothy and Alex have known each other since junior high and we have been playing in the same band since high school. We met Josh in 2013 on Facebook through a mutual friend. The three of us have been playing music together under various names since we met. We finally settled on Recent Rumors about 4 years ago. After a long search, we met Christian in 2019 who has definitely been the missing piece of the puzzle. We’re all so similar. Although we haven’t known each other our whole lives, it feels like we have. We share a huge passion for music and have always known this is all we want to do.

Your sound has a wonderful way of being classic yet unique at the same time. Who is one artist that inspires you?

One artist that currently inspires us as a songwriter/producer is Jack Antonoff. There are people out there who are in music because of the image and there are people out there who are in music because it’s who they are. Jack has been a huge inspiration to us in figuring out who we are as artists.  

You have had the opportunity to grow your careers over the past few years while writing music and performing. What is your most memorable fan encounter thus far?

There are so many. If I had to choose, it would be from our last hometown show. Someone shared with us in a letter how they feel safe and at home in our fan base. It was a special moment for us as a band because that is a big reason why we do this.