Recently Released Album “Vinyl” By Jaqomo

Jaqomo is an electronic music producer residing in Los Angeles. Allow her dreamy sounds to paint a picture in your mind as she takes you through a moving soundscape. Jaqomo’s experimental style includes funky backbeats fused with processed vocals and unique synth textures. Equipped with an ear for the unique and a creative mind, Jaqomo’s groundbreaking and genre bending arrangements will have you craving more. Her newest album “Vinyl” features an incredible set list of 16 tracks.

“Roadrunner” starts off the album with funky and retro guitars, the synth keys enter and paint the melody for a catchy and unique chill vibe. As the album transitions song to song, it’s almost telling a story within the order of tracks. “Avalanche” on “Vinyl” is related to its title in the way that the melody climbs and falls sporadically, it creates a perfect chaos that just makes sense. With a softer beat and lighter musical arrangements, it has you honed in on Jaqomo’s vast knowledge in music production. Another great track is “Magnetic Soul”, with it’s attention grabbing drop into a funky new sound, it demands to be heard. Retro synths and an alluring backbeat has you addicted for the entire song. The flute’s highs and lows create a flowing sound. The difference when the next track “Lounge” starts lets the beat flow into your veins. A simple riff remains the back melody in the entirety of the song while it transitions through layers of experimental sounds. Jaqomo shocks and awes her fans and listeners with the upbeat pop tempo and ironic change into “Eclipse”. Just like an eclipse, this track is an astronomical event. The ambient and soul-filled vibes send a lush neon sound blasting through the speakers.

“Rain”, titled for it’s droplet like effects throughout the track and its unique vibrance. Punching synths fused with electronic arrangements mix spectacularly with the overall ambient theme of this highlight in “Vinyl”. Jaqomo is further spreading her smooth textures across the entire album. “Keeper Of My Magic” leads with a purely acoustic guitar and a seductive electronic/R&B backbeat. Smooth effects paint the perfect melody for an addictive storyline to continue. Invigorating and energizing, “Keeper Of My Magic” adds yet another element of surprise to an incredible project. “The Reason Why” is the first track on the album to feature vocals! A beautiful and hypnotizing composition, the soft and intoxicating instrumentals are stunning. Compelling yet timid vocals take your mind on a journey through the melancholy emotions that “The Reason Why” exudes. “Simulation” leads with  heavy electronic sounds lead into a mysterious and mesmerizing vibe. The dark, heavy background gives the track a hard hip-hop feel while the winding roads of synths fused together a deep house/trance feeling. Towards the end of the track “Simulation”, the electronic side of music fades out and your left with the dark backbeat, this assists with the smooth transition to “Digital Drop”. Despite the name, this is a track layered with hip-hop tunes. My personal favorite track on the album “Vinyl”, “Digital Drop” is the perfect song to sit back and relax to, or roll the windows down and go for a cruise. Upbeat and energetic, “Ibiza” explodes out of the speakers and brings the party vibe back into the album. As if I’m partying with friends on the Mediterranean Sea, “Ibiza” makes you feel every beat. The track