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Recharge and "Reset," with Grizzy Wynter

Grizzy Wynter has flashbacks to his childhood days where Reggae and Hip-hop would steer the musical ship he would embark on. Using music as an outlet to escape from the world he lived in, he began writing raps of his own in high school in order to channel his emotions and find his inner voice.

With musical influences such as Nas, Tech N9ne, Lil Wayne, and even Linkin Park, Grizzy Wynter allows the influential sounds of these artists to help shape his dreams and goals as the next superstar to ever do it.

Recruiting the sounds of Buni Kor in order to deliver the authentic essence of “Reset,” Grizzy Wynter submerges listeners in the melodic resonance of his most recent single. Buni Kor exudes the striking vocalization that fervently drips a sultry desire in the powerful message portrayed. Once Grizzy Wynter hits the track in an empowering storytelling narrative that flaunts his lyrical techniques in a prevalent manner, we immediately sink our teeth into the significance behind the words exuded.

Bringing forth a candid and inspirational tale that touches on the themes of finding hope after enduring struggle, the dynamism on display by these two artists unify the genres of R&B and Hip-hop in a way that allows each to shine brightly in their own beam of light.

There is a pain in the zealous juxtaposition that Grizzy Wynter conveys as he evocatively delivers each bar. With the focus being on the chronicle of “Reset,” the mid-tempo instrumentation doesn’t need to be embellished with added bells and whistles but instead does the trick in strengthening the implication that is being sent out.

“Reset,” has Grizzy Wynter encouraging listeners to press the reset button if they have to. Letting us know that there is no shame in doing so, we love the power and strength behind the goals Grizzy Wynter aligns himself with.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Grizzy Wynter. We were left feeling inspired by the message you send out in “Reset.” Could you please take us into what inspired the creation of this single?

Love to be back it's been a while since the pandemic its been hard to keep in touch, that being said with "Reset" was inspired by my own life struggles and having gone through a dark period of addiction 4 years ago, I wanted to be able to take that pain and loneliness from that time and turn into something positive for someone else who's struggling especially in these times.

What was it like working with Buni Kor in order to develop the heartfelt sounds heard in “Reset" How did this collaboration come to life?

Kor is the homie, we met on set actually working in the film industry. We actually recorded the song before covid started, his vocal talent and range are incredible and I couldn't imagine anyone else helping me bring this to life. He's felt what I had written and translated that into some of the most beautiful vocals I've ever heard.

As an artist, your message is extremely important. What is the main message that you want your listeners to take away from the songs that you release?

For me every song is different, but with this one I want people to know that they are not alone and that you don't have to suffer in silence, addiction is so prevalent in our society today, in my city alone last year we had over 1200 last year, that's 200 OD's a month, people need hope and to know things do get better and hopefully, this song will give people that feeling.

How do you find the hopeful hues radiating in “Reset,” compared to other songs in your music catalog?

With some of my other records, I was trying to entertain or tell a story, with "Reset" I want to reach out to the audience let and give them something that they gave me when I was struggling: Hope. When I was getting my life back together music saved my life, people showing me that they supported me gave me hope, showed me that I could be more than my addiction and I haven't looked back since so I wanted to give that back to the fans and people in my life who gave me back something I thought I had lost, a bright future to look forward too.

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