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Recharge Your Self-Love With Jazz Garcelle In “Love Me Back”

From Pittsburg to the world, R&B artist Jazz Garcelle makes us think about what we seek from beauty in her new single “Love Me Back.”

Jazz Garcelle is concerned about how to help other people as an active member of her community, lecturing at her local church and at her work as an Instructional Aide. She takes that mission of doing good to others in her music, singing with powerful messages, and constantly perfecting her work. No wonder why she has so many nominations and awards in her career.

“Love Me Back” is a Kylan Music production in which they managed to make this song as empowering as it is seductive. The R&B sounds make an enchanting ambiance that pairs perfectly with the inviting voice of Jazz Garcelle to convey to women that physical and emotional self-care are demonstrations of self-love.

When listening to the song, diving into the waving melody of the R&B keys is easy. The holding notes make a slow track at the beginning that contrasts with the uptempo lyrics of Jazz Garcelle; thus, it highlights the vocals. Then she sings about how she doesn’t want men who seek fake bodies. Instead, she wants a real man who likes natural bodies.

It is exciting when you get to the chorus, where the buzzing drums, the ethereal melody, and Jazz Garcelles’s vocals create pure glam. At that moment, you close your eyes for a few seconds and feel like you are floating while giving in to the magical sounds of “Love Me Back.”

Whether you go to the gym or want to go under the knife to get the body you want, never forget that you are doing it for yourself and not following the standards of fake bodies. But no one could say it better than Jazz Garcelle in “Love Me Back.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jazz Garcelle, and a big congrats on your latest release, "Love Me Back." Can you start by telling our readers your greatest motivation when making “Love Me Back?”

My greatest motivation was self-love, confidence, and knowing I'm secure in myself as a woman, no matter the situation. I want my fans to feel empowered listening to it.

What was that moment you will never forget when making “Love Me Back?"

Being in the studio recording, working with my songwriter and producer, realizing that this song was more than just an excellent song to vibe to but also had a message to anyone contemplating plastic surgery or going the natural fitness route that it doesn't matter what you choose to do it's your choice. You should feel beautiful regardless, and if you have a man that loves you for you, "Loves Me Back," celebrate that.

What would you like people to feel when listening to “Love Me Back?"

I want them to feel confident and empowered. Who would you like to thank for their support while making “Love Me Back?”

My producer and songwriter, PaperplaneJane, continues supporting my music, my fans! What's next for you?

Next, I focus on recording more material for my second EP, performing as much as possible, and building the JazzGarcelle brand. For bookings, I can be reached at

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