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Reco Bandz Released His Single Titled “Ol Me” With Strong Lyrical Wordplay!

All the way from Cleveland Ohio, Reco Bandz is a gifted recording artist who was born and raised in the historic Hough area, ignited by the racially motivated Hough riots of 1966. Reco Bandz comes equipped with a flow-molded for visual storytelling and is known for his energetic personality and honesty in his music.

Going in we didn’t know what to expect with Reco Bandz! Many rappers have their own distinctive style so it’s quite hard to expect what kind of flow and delivery you’re going to get from a rapper you never heard before. Reco Bandz however made the wait worthwhile! The anticipation we had to check out his music was worth it due to the hard-hitting hit he gave us. “Ol Me” had a hype trap beat with an insane lyrical flow. The punchlines Reco Bandz gave showed a style of quick-witted songwriting. His articulation goes through a multitude of different transitions in this record. Switching his flow multiple times throughout this song, Reco Bandz doesn’t shy away from being versatile. “Ol Me” was a nice song that could be played through all the clubs while still appealing to those hip-hop heads who are at fond with lyrical ability.

Check out "Ol Me" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Reco Bandz! In what ways has your upbringing and background impacted your artistry today?

Growing up in the hough community in Cleveland basically influenced the struggle in my music based on the lifestyle of hough. The motivation behind any community member in the hough area has always been motivated by money and business based on the history of the 1966 Hough Riots and the aftermath of what happened to our community underlined by racism. 

My background behind my music is influenced mostly by my family because my mother and father were DJ’s while I was growing up so I was raised around local artists playing local music in the Cleveland culture. 

Knowing you’re a rapper, what’s your take on the current state of hip-hop? Who are some artists you’re listening too?

Based on the current state of hip hop  I personally feel like no artists are providing organic hip hop right now which is why I only listen to myself in order to focus on my personal growth in music. My musical influences growing up were Lil Wayne and the Hot Boyz after watching the “Block is Hot” music video at 6 or 7 years old I knew I wanted to rap.


Where do you find inspiration for most of your songwriting Reco Bandz?

Most of my inspiration behind my music come from personal experiences in my life that I have been through or are currently going through. 

What’s the major theme that’s behind “Ol Me”?

The major theme behind “Ol Me” is to express the journey of my past through my music growing up in the Hough neighborhood. The Ol Me EP was the beginning of “Reco Bandz” establishing my rebirth and persona as a rapper. 

Any exciting summer plans for you?

This summer I am focused on doing more shows and promoting myself while being a voice for the youth in my city. 


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