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Recording Artist And Music Producer Terry L Harris Discusses Latest Project, "Headphones Music"

Welcome to Buzz, Terry! We love the dynamic range and styles featured in your new instrumental album, HeadPhones Music. What inspired the creation of this album and your diverse musical approach?

Thanks for having me back; talking with you guys is always a pleasure! Thanks for checking out the project; I appreciate what you guys do for Indy artists like me!

I initially wrote around 30 tracks to collaborate with singers from different musical landscapes.

What made you want to recreate Tears For Fears' 1985 hit "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" for an addition on HeadPhones Music? Why did you feel this cover was a good fit?

Im an 80s guy and Always record a few covers with every new project. I love Tears For Fears and thought I had a female R&B artist locked in to sing it! I gave it a slower RnB-type vibe and kept it when the collab didn't work out.

Did you create HeadPhones Music entirely solo? Or did you collaborate with any musicians/producers to nail your desired sound? What was that process like?

I'm a 100 percenter with this project front to back..writing, composing, recording, producing, and playing all the instruments! I am at my best when I can flow from one instrument to the next, getting my ideas out as they come.

Which song from HeadPhones Music is your personal favorite and why? What makes that song stand out to you?

I love all of this batch, but I have to say Me is my favorite. I see my therapist once a week(if you have trauma unaddressed, I recommend seeing someone who doesn't judge) anyway; he asked me what I would say to my 8-year-old self to make that little guy feel better. I don't hear words or lyrics, but being a passionate writer, I wrote what I think those feelings sounded like to soothe that version of "Me."

What was your goal with HeadPhones Music? What did you want listeners to experience, and what feelings or emotions did you want to evoke?

HeadPhones Music aims to give the listener a canvas of music to attach what they are going through from song to song. I hope everyone finds at least one song they can relate to and have scenarios to attach to the music.

Lastly, music sounds like feelings; it's the universal language. We have enough cheat songs, songs about the streets, etc... I want my music to be part of a solution with love, acceptance, and reflection and create honest conversation. Thank you again for having me; please stream HeadPhones Music. I appreciate it.

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