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Red Reign Sings of Overcoming Adversity With Their Striking Single, "Not That Way"

From Richmond, VA, the in-your-face 4-piece Rock band Red Reign releases a stimulating storyline with their sweltering single, "Not That Way."

Consisting of Carlton 'Bubba' McMichael, Sammy Lee, Larry Moore, and Stevie Shred, the quartet Red Reign has been exponentially growing their fanbase through tours and live performances, delivering their powerhouse singles to satisfy their audience's cravings.

Through their recent hit, "Not That Way," Red Reign fuels the song with their striking instrumentals while offering a blazing atmosphere for listeners to lose themselves. The band's lyricism takes on more of a conceptual message regarding a woman who initially left a relationship, all to come back years later when her significant other is successful and has moved on.

"Not That Way" begins with Carlton 'Bubba' McMichael and Stevie Shred's layered guitar, fueling the song's atmosphere with fire through the blistering rhythm guitar and whaling lead. Merely through the instrumentals, we can feel this sense of a prime-time Bryan Adams with each energetic and spunky aspect.

Once McMichael starts singing lyrics of breaking free from the chains of a past lover he was once swooned by, Sammy Lee's punchy drum breaks and Larry Moore's gripping bassline take the track by storm and offer an incredibly uplifting and powerful experience.

Slowing it down around the hook with Larry Moore's stimulating bassline and warm electric-acoustic guitar picking, Red Reign has offered a blazing and dynamic adventure with this hit that's bound to empower any listener.

We're captivated by the likes of Red Reign with their fearless, lively, and powerful single "Not That Way," as they pull listeners in tight with the band's fiery instrumentals and highly motivational lyricism.

We love the overall concept you've delivered with your single, "Not That Way." How did you come up with such an empowering lyrical theme, was it based on real events?

Thank you for the compliment. Yes, this was based on events that we believe happens to a lot of people in relationships and has even happened to a few of us. The lyrics are about a relationship, where 1 person in the relationship thinks they can do better and moves on. Years later they run into the ex-partner who is flourishing and now realizes they made a mistake and wants another chance, BUT it’s Not that way” anymore

Speaking on the blazing instrumentals within "Not That Way," your band offers bright and punchy Rock sonics that push a heated atmosphere. How did you go about matching the empowering lyrics with your instrumentals to provide an overall thrill?

Well, we usually write the music and the lyrics will follow. However, Our singer will write as we are working on the music and then make some changes when the time to actually record the song.

Regarding your single "Not That Way," does your band have a typical songwriting/creative process that you executed on this track? How did you split the songwriting and instrumental creation?

As for lyrics to our songs, Bubba (Lead Singer) writes all the lyrics, with a little input from the rest of the band. The music is created by all 4 members at rehearsal, based on an idea from one of the band members.

You've mentioned that your band has garnered vast attention through touring and live shows. Taking the world's current circumstances into account, how are you keeping your audience engaged online?

Well for the last 3 ½ years we have been on and off the road with many bands. What it did not allow us to do was take time to write and record new material. NOW with everything going on, it HAS given us time to write new material and start to record for a new EP/Album.

What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

There are a few things we hope to achieve in 2021. first, we look to release a full-length album OR a new EP. 2nd we hope to get back out (rules permitting). On the road, as we love live shows so we can see our old friends and meet new ones. SO, We hope to see you soon!



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