Redamancy Pounds Our Speakers With a Blazing Hit, "About Tomorrow"

Hitting us with a unique approach to modern pop-rock is the sultry trio Redamancy and their latest sensual single, "About Tomorrow," from their forthcoming EP set to release this November.

Redamancy's authentic modern pop-rock sound is deeply rooted in the concept of empowerment through vulnerability. Redamancy is known for combining classic and modern rock with progressive and bluesy undertones underneath their thought-provoking lyricism. Comprised of Adrian Garay on guitar, Andreas Landeck on bass, and frontwoman/vocalist Bella Musser, Redamancy truly isn't a band to miss.

Now releasing their lead single and title track, "About Tomorrow," off their forthcoming EP of the same name, Redamancy blasts through our speakers with their impeccable and tightly-wound instrumentals while leaving us in heat. We love the sultry and sensual tones of this single, especially as vocalist Bella Musser drenches us in her unique and captivating tones.

Diving into "About Tomorrow," the track kicks off with a whopping drum arrangement, Adrian Garay's thumping rhythm guitar, Andreas Landeck's fat bass licks, and Bella Musser's swooning vocal stylings. As they make their way into the scorching hot hook, Redamancy puts an edgy and irresistible spin on the modern rock through their thrilling instrumentals and overall attitude.

We love the contrast between Redamancy's powerful instrumentals and Musser's dynamic and refreshing vocal stylings, as it makes for an unforgettable and gripping listening experience. Not to mention the band's thorough and immense chemistry; they make it hard to ignore such a well-rounded and trailblazing sound. As they blast through the bridge and over to the outro, Redamancy closes the track while leaving us in a trance-like state.

Get your dose of pure energy with help from Redamancy's latest single, "About Tomorrow," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Redamancy. What a powerful and exciting listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "About Tomorrow." What inspired this sultry and invigorating tune?

"About Tomorrow" was inspired by the nights we spend without regard for what the next morning might bring - A time simply meant for good company and a toast to all that you choose to leave behind at that moment.

Could you expand on how your band tackled the creative process for "About Tomorrow?" How did you work off each other to reach the final product?

The creative process for "About Tomorrow" was one of the lengthier ones in regard to the rest of the songs on the EP. We would spend weeks at a time writing, revisiting, and re-writing the track, doing our best to make sure it embodied the sonic and lyrical environment we had in mind for it as best as possible. We were constantly bouncing ideas for lyrical changes, guitar riffs, and chord changes back and forth from each other - It was definitely one of the tracks with a large amount of revision and collaboration put into it.

How does the single "About Tomorrow" prepare us for your forthcoming EP, "Revival?' Why did you choose to release this song as the lead single?

"About Tomorrow" is the second single to be released in anticipation of our upcoming EP, 'Revival.' It embodies the energy and empowerment that we really wanted to showcase throughout this collection of work.

Could you tell us a bit more about your brand and what you strive to represent? How does your music reflect who you are as a group?

The word "Redamancy" literally means, "a love returned in full." We often talk about how that has become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy for us over the years of being a band; we went from being classmates to bandmates, to best friends, to a family who shares a huge love for one another and the art we create together.

What's next for you?

The full EP comes out on November 19th, with a release show and merchandise drop to follow on December 2nd at Globe Hall in Denver, CO.