Reezy FN Drop’s Brand New R&B Banger “Trust Me” Ft. Young Prince Beats

Born and raised in Barbados, Reezy FN moved to Canada at only 8 years old. Now hailing from London, Ontario, he discovered his passion for music and his authentic and original sound. Although it wasn’t easy, Reezy FN managed to launch his own entertainment company “FromNothin”, which was founded in January 2007. After beginning this company, Reezy FN has nowhere to go but to the top. His most notable release to date was in collaboration with Sean Kingston himself in a track called “Girl”. Reezy FN comes with a unique sound, admirable versatility, and the drive to make it. Don’t sleep on Reezy FN, performer, songwriter, owner/operator/entrepreneur, FromNothin!

Trust Me” ft. Young Prince Beats is a smooth R&B ballad from Reezy FN. “Trust Me” gives the listener a retrospective look at Reezy FN’s feelings and thoughts. “Trust Me” focuses on being in love with someone and so loyal and dedicated that Reezy FN needs to make it known that his girl can trust him. “Trust Me” is reminiscent of anyone’s first love and it demands to be heard. Equipped with a sultry voice and a catchy hook, Reezy FN weaves through storytelling elements through his emotive songwriting and R&B stylings. Reezy FN curates music that his listeners can relate to forge original connections with his fans. Contemporary pop/hip-hop fused with Motown vibes give this track just enough soul for anyone to rock along with. “Trust Me” possesses contagious energy and an addicting melody that we’re bumping on repeat. Authentically Reezy’s style, “Trust Me” is a spectacular smooth track on it’s way to the top.

Check out “Trust Me” here and read more in our exclusive interview below.


Hey there Reezy FN! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Congratulations on your latest track "Trust Me". How did the overall production go for the song?

Well first off I will like thank you Buzz music L.A. for having me  but Young Prince Beats and I have made quite a bit songs together but this one was special from the moment I heard him making the beat I was like this is a banger and here we are and then next thing u know I was in Barbados shooting the video and the rest is history.

We're incredibly excited to be featuring your track "Trust Me". We definitely sense that old-school flair you bring to a more contemporary R&B style. Where do you find your inspiration to curate tracks with such originality? 

Honestly, I have been making music for a while now but being able to actually sing has help me to create a lot easier and find different starting points to create and I obviously love women lol.

What would you say is the most impactful takeaway message from "Trust Me”? Do you feel like you're able to connect with your listeners on that deeper level?

Well, you can’t have a proper relationship without trust first and foremost and being able to connect with your partner on a deeper level. That no one can break is priceless and I believe everyone on planet earth can relate especially the ladies.

How would you describe the music scene for your particular genre in London, Ontario? Do you believe that you can fully develop your sound in the city?

Well, thank god I’ve been blessed to be able to create different genres of music so for me it was about finding a way to adjust and being different then everybody else, and if I could fully develop my sound in my city? Ummmm probably not because like we all know sharks and whales can only grow as big their environment so for me it’s always about leveling up.

Is there anything exciting happening for you within the next few months?! Any upcoming shows you can share with the BuzzMusic community?

Honestly, right now I’m focused on making more music and increasing my value and networking but I am in the process of picking songs for my project mixtape album whatever they call it nowadays lol and then we can go from there.


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