Reflect on Your Inner Emotions With Lyrics' Newest Release “YOU"

James Long or otherwise known as Lyrics is a New Jersey-based rapper whose music has gained the interest of the iconic group Union, which soon became signed to Platinum Records and has appeared on several television shows. Since stepping away from the group to pursue his solo career, Lyrics has been hustling to put out his spin of what music means to him. Lyrics recently released his fired up single “YOU” featuring Matt Cleev and Matt Holbert, and this one is full of deep emotions. “YOU” instantly hits us with a wave of nostalgia, the slight somber feeling here reminds us of a unique hybrid between early Eminem and Ice Cube records. We are instantly in love with “YOU,” the chorus hits us by surprise and switches to a smooth but incredibly raw and honest performance from Matt Cleev and Matt Holbert that can almost make a person cry. Combined with the ever so moody verses from Lyrics that hold their own patient groove, “YOU” makes for an unforgettable experience that will hit you deep in the feelings. “YOU” features a soon to be iconic synth choir, a modern but classic-sounding hip-hop drum kit, a deep bass that has the perfect amount of grime, and of course the beautiful vocal performances that are the sweet cherry on top of this cake. We cannot wait to hear what is coming next from Lyrics.

Mellow out to “YOU” here.