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Reflect With Sam Hinds in His Alleviating EP, "Rolling Stone"

Singer/Songwriter Sam Hinds has meticulously developed his artistic craft over years of touring as a solo performer and collaborating with a wide range of artists. Although Sam Hinds roots his music in the folk and southern rock style, he often intertwines a variety of genre components in order to amplify the spirit of his productions.

The latest project offered by Sam Hinds is his debut EP, titled "Rolling Stone". The EP contributes to the best of the current UK folk/rock scene, and really offers the chance to create an impressionable impact in the lives of listeners if they so choose to hone into the EP's purpose. "Rolling Stone" is the product of pure expressions from Sam Hinds, where he completely steps out of his shell and allows listeners to see into his true character. The EP consists of personal lyricism from Sam Hinds, where he captures his utmost passion and pours it wholeheartedly into each and every song.

Consisting of four tracks, the EP starts off with "Rolling Stone", a soothing collection of poised vocalisms that gets intertwined with soft-strumming guitar chords, working to amplify the calming essence of the track. Sam Hinds introduces the perfect amount of rasp within "Rolling Stone", which only adds to the overall serenity presented within the track, and creates a purposeful listening environment. It's quite easy to allow the song to take over, and instantaneously relax you if you're open to letting its components calm you down. "Rolling Stone" was the perfect track to open the EP with, as Sam Hinds's natural presence gets communicated to listeners, which left us wanting to explore further into his musical mind.

The following track, "Never Be The Same" brings more bustling energy to the table, and meshes together a range of genres, such as country, pop, rock, and flairs of alternative stylings. With such an array of influence packed into the song, you can only imagine the collective product that results. "Never Be The Same" is the kind of song that you can't help but move your body along to - the melody is that infectious, especially once arriving at the hook of the track. The song imparts a certain level of confidence with its production alone, and once interpreting the narrative, one can feel even more charged and uplifted.

Following themes of growth and surges of introspection, "Never Be The Same" delivers contemplative lyricism with impassioned instrumentals, and the overall essence creates an equilibrium with the EP's following track, "Wildflowers". How? Well, "Wildflowers" consists of a more mellow tune, bringing in flavourful harmonies that create a quality composure. The track plays into the EP's theme of self-reflection, and with the amicable wisdom of Sam Hinds, such self-reflection gets expressed with utmost purity.

That's one of the best components of this EP by Sam Hinds - the raw level of pure emotion and expression that gets translated across each and every track. You're never left questioning the validity of Sam Hinds and his words, as you can feel that genuine energy surface from each track, and most especially within "Wildflowers".

Arriving at the final track of the EP, "Famous", Sam Hinds concludes with a humbling collection of thoughts surrounding the concept of status in this society. He projects messages of staying true to oneself, which encompasses the ideology of never compromising one's own truths and values.

Again, the prominent presence of ataractic lyricism and productional efforts gets shone on, which directly works to make the song feel even more impactful. This characteristic of "Famous" is what makes it the perfect track to end the EP off on, as Sam Hinds reinforces his genuine character.

All in all, "Rolling Stone" put forth exquisite narratives that were tied into tranquil harmonies, and such aspects of the EP is truly what made it stand out to be quite an exceptional offering from Sam Hinds.

Your EP "Rolling Stone" was quite affecting, as it had a ton of emotional value packed into each and every track, with either catchy or peaceful rhythms ensuing within each production. Which track do you feel was most impactful for you personally, and how were you hoping this track would get translated to your listeners?

I think Wildflowers was probably the most emotional and impactful for me when writing. It’s a really personal insight into how I try to cope with everything in life, especially when it all feels too much to handle and that’s hard to write about because you have to admit to yourself that things have been difficult, and you have to really delve into how your own mind works and how you deal with getting over it. But I think that’s the beauty of this track, it hopefully gives the listener a bit of hope that no matter how bad things feel, there’s always a brighter day heading your way, there’s always something to look forward to and there is always something worthwhile in your life to hold on to and to get you through. I just want people to know It’s ok to lose yourself, and hideaway in your own space sometimes - because nothing lasts forever, and better things will come.

How did it feel to debut "Rolling Stone" knowing the amount of personal expression and honesty that went into each and every track? What did this particular EP release mean for you as an artist?

It was scary for sure, I try to write as openly and honestly as I can and that comes with a certain amount of responsibility to make sure the messages I have are worthwhile and are helpful in some manner, even if only to help people feel. But It’s been so rewarding. With this release I just wanted to show people who I really am, personally and as an artist, I wanted the music to speak for itself, but to also have underlying messages that people could pick apart and interpret however they felt necessary. I want my audience to listen because the music is genuine, from the heart and authentic. There’s so much content out there in the world and I just wanted to make my mark with some honesty and originality and let people know who I am.

For readers who haven't yet listened to "Rolling Stone", how would describe the innate emotions one would feel right after listening to the EP?

I think there’s a lot to feel straight after the EP, the songs all have a different meaning and stance, but hopefully, you’ll feel a strong sense of being grounded at the moment, confident, empowered and ready to face the world, happy to be exactly where you are and excited about whatever tomorrow might bring your way.

What would you say is your ultimate goal within the current music scene, and where do you see your artistic goals extending from here, now that "Rolling Stone" is successfully released?

My ultimate goal is to become a full-time recording artist, all I want is to write and release as much music as I possibly can in my life and time. I want to be able to share my stories with the world, tour the music, and grow as a collective. My goals are to release more music in 2021 (already underway), get a live band out performing live as much as possible, and create more memories with my followers. I have so much to say and so much to give. I want as many people to hear it as possible.

Are there any plans in place to virtually perform "Rolling Stone" live to listeners?

There isn’t a fixed date just yet, but I am looking at early 2021 to set up regular live performances on my socials, including old songs, tracks from Rolling Stone, and new music in the works! Keep an eye out. I’ve also got a mailing list coming out soon too so everyone can keep as up-to-date as possible.



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