Refreshing Indie Pop With Chad Johnson

The Over Cast EP release from songwriter Chad Johnson is a diverse array of well-produced "bedroom" pop that goes to show how being seasoned in-home recording can push out some high-quality pop tunes. My how times have changed, and how songwriters have changed right along with it. With the freedom to create new sounds in today's musical universe, it's a good thing some artists take their time experimenting and producing. Chad Johnson wrote and recorded the entire Over Cast release on his own. As this is not some new groundbreaking thing, it's still quite impressive. Crossing synth-wave with dream pop, and giving the record just the right amount of atmosphere, Johnson has managed to pull off an outstanding effort.

"Real" is a touching track that combines that indie-pop synth feel with layered guitar work and a chorus that just feels good to listen to. We suggest you do the same. Here is the Spotify for Chad's single.