Refreshing Punk Rock Trio The Lungs Release “Pythium (Roots Rotten)”

The Lungs are a Los Angeles based feral punk rock trio that deliver intense and passionate tunes. Formed in 2016, The Lungs aim to express their discontent with the current status quo during today’s trying times. After a few demo exchanges between San Fernando Valley based musicians Trevor Howard and Billy Goldstein, the idea of a hardcore punk band together was set. All they needed was a drummer. Enter Dylan Howard, Trevor’s sibling, who agreed to man the position upon hearing the demos. Straddling the grey line between chord structures heard in the first wave era of hardcore punk and the rhythmic complexity, overpowering noise, and frantic riffs, which round out Hydra Head Records catalog being their competitive advantage. Their song subject matter isn’t puffery; it’s real and relatable talk ranging from substance abuse, mental health collapse, and collective economic pressures. 

Hard-hitting guitar riffs and thunderous melodies start the track “Pythium (Roots Rotten)” off to an incredible launch. The contagious tune blends perfectly with the heavy metal vocals. Elements of contemporary rock blend with elements of gritty excellence in this taste of musical chaos. “Pythium” moves into screaming vocals and a pummeling guitar solo to melt your face off. We love what we’re hearing so far and so do The Lungs’ listeners. We get a taste of a darker and melancholic side of the vocalism. The haunting song explodes into infectious melodies and catchy riffs. With more of a storytelling element, “Pythium” delivers powerful and precise vocals. Fresh and ground-breaking sound arrangements in The Lungs’ track “Pythium” have me blown away. The band members have inspiring and special ideas when it comes to creating music. The Lungs' chemistry is evident through the speakers. Dedication to craft in the detail is admirable while the infectious and vivid music fused together is awakening. The Lungs bring raw energy and an indefinitely loud testimony to the magic of the underground scene with “Pythium”. Layered guitars, ground breaking vocals and emotive lyricism give the track a transporting feeling. Give “Pythium (Roots Rotten)” a listen and stay on the lookout for The Lungs.

Check out “Pythium (Roots Rotten)” here and read more with The Lungs below!

The Lungs, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves to our readers?

Thanks for having us!! We’re really excited to be doing this with you. First, we got Billy Goldstein who lays down the bass, then Dylan Howard who crushes the drums and lastly me, Trevor Howard, I play guitar and do probably most of the singing overall but we all contribute pretty heavily vocally, especially on this track!

How did you come up with the band name The Lungs? How did the band form?

A couple years ago Billy and I were texting about how much we loved bands like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Misfits. I suggested we should start a band like those but mixed with everything else we love. About twenty minutes later he sent me a few voice memo recordings of these really awesome bass riffs. I immediately sent these recordings to my brother Dylan who plays drums and we were instantly all in. It just clicked. As far as the band name goes we made a huge list of names that started with “The…” and that's the one that grabbed us the most. It’s taken on more of a meaning now that we’ve been playing a couple years together.

What’s the overall theme of your track “Pythium (Roots Rotten)” ?

The track is about how religion is truly so large, and old, and well-meaning; but fraught with corruption, deception and blind loyalty. It’s not necessarily a message saying that all religion is worthless. It’s more of an expression of a feeling that it may have been intended to be an altruistic guideline to live your life by. The lyrics question the tenet that people are born, full of sin, and that religion can help wipe that and heal the world. Billy does the lead vocal on this one and he and Dylan share the chorus!

How has the LA music scene influenced the music you create today?

We’ve met so many awesome bands and amazing people from playing in LA throughout the years who have influenced us in a lot of different ways. One of those things is that everyone is at the top of their game, so it’s very motivating to constantly be bettering ourselves, our live show and our songs. If you take all this information and use it the right way, you can evolve at an exponential rate.

Can you tell us about any upcoming releases? We can't wait to hear what's next!

Yes! Our next single is coming out August 30th! We’re really excited about this one, its called “Vizitant”. It’s the first single off our upcoming debut full length called “Psychic Tombs”. It explores a bit more of the melodic side of things that we do while staying heavy and high energy. Thanks so much again for having us!

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