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Regal Club’s Self Titled Ep Is OUT NOW

Regal Club is a hip-hop duo based out of St. Louis that focuses on high vibrational lyrical music. The members of the duo are Alvo and J. Cruz. Alvo, the executive producer, produced all the songs on the project excluding “Tomorrow". With a unique sound over booming 808's Regal Club's self titled debut project was intended to stand out amongst the heavy hitters in the game. Released this past July 4th, Regal Club chose to release "Flow" and "Spooky" as the lead singles accompanied with two visuals that paints the pictures to bring the listeners closer into their world.

Introducing Alvo and J. Cruz as a fairly capable and creatively free duo, “Regal Club” makes for a partly calming and partly awakening, impossible to ignore, project. Beginning with the mildly jarring yet fascinating tones of “Already”, the EP proceeds to pour personality and honesty into the mix, increasingly strengthening the threads that are Regal Club’s vocal tone and their unique style of lyricism, but also consistently taking to musical purity and a carefree approach to artistry.

“Flow” increases the intensity threefold, seeing multiple voices and instrumental layers pile up and gather momentum more and more so as the track rains down. Despite the unusual nature of the sound throughout, you settle in and acclimatize to it fairly quickly – before long, the flow, thought process and bars succeed in taking the reins and holding onto your interest more tightly with every second that passes. Next up with “Tomorrow”, the song’s melodic hook adds a further hit of creative freedom, veering away from the underlying chord progression, which strangely suits the eerie vibe of the song and actually makes for a fitting break from the weight of the underlying lyricism and poetic passion. “Soul Food” is perhaps the darkest yet most minimalist of the three tracks and, incidentally, a potential highlight. The simplicity of the beat succeeds in creating a haunting mood, meanwhile Regal Club’s vocal delivery intrigues and furthers the late-night vibe; occasionally feeling a little like the more alternative sounds of artists such as Tyler, The Creator.

“Spooky” is one of the notable singles on the EP and we’re vibing along with this track. Regal Club’s personality pours through more notably as the playlist progresses. The production introduces features such as a likeable beat and a series of short, snappy verse lines and clever quips. “Money Showers” follows on with an immediate level of passion and character. The lyrics and the vocal performance emerge with equal parts angst and confidence, making for a quickly captivating track with a fascinating story line. This increasingly proves impressive and highlights a totally different side to the artists. “Turn Over” comes through with a simple yet striking beat, a descending riff that haunts as it weaves throughout the backdrop. Again, the lyrics and Regal Club’s performance reach compelling peaks, this time bringing through personal experience and reflective emotional thoughts that let you build a strong connection with Regal Club as individuals. “Underworld” reverts back to the short and rhythmic line style of the opening track. Conceptually though there’s a certain depth here and level of vulnerability and struggle that really reach out to connect. Considering the range of notably simpler hip-hop releases that have made waves online in recent years, there’s no reason at all that a number of tracks from the “Regal Club” EP couldn’t have an immense effect once enough people get privy to it.

Towards the end of the project, “After Hours” delves even deeper into that personality and backstory, balancing detailed scene setting with intimate self-reflection and intricate consideration of life itself and his role within it. An inspiring piece that again builds a stronger bridge between the artist and his audience. “Next Up” brings the EP to an impressive finish, actually reminding you of the key strengths at the heart of what Regal Club does. A second listen through this project in full is really where the true connection lies, and it’s an easy playlist to revisit, given that this is undoubtedly one of the most original and carefree hip hop releases to emerge this year. Regal Club doesn’t hide behind effects, nor overload their tracks with unnecessary drops or quirks. On the contrary, there’s plenty of natural individuality to the music, and that voice is so upfront and intimate that you can’t help but take it on as authentic. “Regal Club” the EP is well worth a listen if you’ve tired of the repetitive nature of much of modern hip hop, or if you’re a musician or lyricist with a genuine love for thoughtful, intelligent and deeply artistic musicality.

Listen to “Regal Club” here and read more with the hip-hop duo below! 

Hey Alvo and J. Cruz, welcome to BuzzMusic and congrats on the album. How long have you been making music?

Thanks for having us. Our musical journey started in 2011. We created a project named D.N.A. (Dreams N Aspirations). It was over instrumentals of songs that was out around that time. We put in genuine effort and a lot of energy behind the project, but for whatever reason the universe blocked it. After that we went back to the drawing board and decided if this was gonna work then we needed to create our own sound.

Alvo: I started learning how to make beats in 2014. The first beat I made was for a song that's releasing soon called “Liberation”. Its two different Sade samples mashed together. Once I finished that beat I felt liberated.

What does the project “Regal Club” represent for you?

J. Cruz: My voice. A way to connect to the people….my soul group. Express my current state, you know? A way to give listeners a view through my eyes.

Alvo: This is more than a project, it’s destiny. A higher calling. The feeling before words.

If people only have time to listen to one track from the collection, which would you recommend and why?

We’ll have to say “After Hours”. Besides who we are as artist It represents our spiritual nature. In the song we speak on vibrating high, crystal children, soul awakening experiences, traveling through the ethers, and interpreting the stars. That is everyday conversation for us. However listening to the whole project will give you the full experience. It’s more so a movie.

What’s your main aspiration going forwards in 2019 as artists?

Expanding the Regal Club brand is always the main focus. It’s a worldwide movement. Everyday the marathon continues. Word to Nip.

What are your thoughts on the current hip-hop landscape?

We actually like the current landscape of hip-hop. We feel it’s moving in a direction that's bringing us back to the essence. It’s a nice balance of male and female mc’s at the moment. Whatever mood or wave you trying to ride its not hard to find something to listen to that would get you there.


Check out more on Regal Club via the duo's socials below!

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