Regenerate Yourself With Joker's Hand's Electrifying Rock "Anthem"

Joker's Hand is a rock band that hails from Torrance, CA, which consists of Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau. Joker's Hand is highly known for their electrifying live performances! They definitively have that intense and natural raw energy that's desperately required for those wired rock tracks. 2019 was the year that Joker's Hand manifested their album, which paved the way for their presence in the predominant rock industry today. With grungy and edgy vocals embedded into the sharp and intense production, the sound of Joker's Hand soars into Rock N' Roll greatness.

Joker's Hand has come out with their anticipated single "Anthem". This is the exact type of track that sustains itself throughout. The innervated energy that courses through your veins when being in the environment of "Anthem" is striking! Joker's Hand knows how to entertain their listening base by slyly incorporating the best components of any rock track in order to stimulate listeners. Strong guitar riffs, a consistent heavy drum, and incredibly intense vocals. What more can we ask for? The chorus is truly where we experience the most power from Joker's Hand. It brings about an incredibly lively environment and makes for a vivid and imaginative listening adventure on our end. The second we hear Joker's Hand, we already started thinking about the surging energy present within live performances, and how we want to be right in the middle of it! "Anthem" is truly a rock anthem from Joker's Hand, and we're seriously hoping for more of this fun-loving and hardcore stamina we get from the band in 2020!

You can listen to Joker's Hands' "Anthem" here.