Regi Levi's "Switched Up" Will Have You In A Feel-Good Mood

Residing in the United States, Regi Levi is coming out with tracks that set out the type of mood we've been needing with the Hip/Hop genre. Regi Levi gives us sounds familiar to Drake, and as an artist he is highly influenced by Kanye. Incorporating the slightest use of autotune, Regi is able to curate that type of sound perfect for the genre he resides in. We know for a fact that Regi is offering a more intriguing sound with his take on Hip/Hop, and entrancing listeners with the echoing synths and overall production. Vivacious at some points, but also incorporating a heavy-hitting beat at others, Regi Levi is playing around with the sound he crates, giving listeners a new experience at every track. 

Rap/hip-hop elements are heavily integrated within Regi's sound in "Switched Up". We even receive slight house elements, combined with an R&B-type feel. Regi is undoubtedly dynamic in the sound he produces, and we're captivated by his vocalism. The ambiance "Switched Up" provides is addicting. We have the track on repeat, and the album has been playing for the past hour! Regi Levi knows how to provide an entrancing atmosphere with his music, and "Switched Up" doesn't disappoint. Heavy-hitting elements combined with a more soft and alluring beat? We love it! "Switched Up" ties in every element we want in a Hip/Hop track. Regi transforms the category he resides in musically, and challenges his music all throughout production. We appreciate artists who are wiling to take the extra step in their creativity. With a relaxed and soothing vibe, Regi definitely catches listeners attention with his more aggressive take on vocalism. Regi Levi is without a doubt an artist to keep an eye out for, and he's already on our radar!

Check out Regi's "Switched Up" here


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