Rejoice and Be Glad to Listen to Sam Robbins' "Saying Amen"

We typically act too hastily in life, taking for granted the blessings that have already been bestowed upon us, Sam Robbins reminds us of these blessings on his latest single "Saying Amen."

Based in Nashville, TN, Robbins is a Singer/Songwriter that conjures memories of classic artists like James Taylor and John Denver who infuses thought-provoking lyrics and old soul fusion into his carefully penned verses.

"Saying Amen" is a country western-inspired melody that weaves in a thought-provoking storyline. Robbins questions the moral authority some take in life, casting a blind eye to the struggles being faced by others in our modern-day society. Robbins' voice is soft and guiding as he pays tribute to the members of society that have had the lights turned off around them. A steel guitar wails harmoniously in the background as it provides the track a country-tinged aura as the acoustic guitar strums steadily along with Robbins' soulful voice and cascading notes of piano trickle throughout the song.

Robbins' carefully constructed lyrics urge the listener to actively listen and reflect upon what Robbins is singing about. Lyrics like: "You say you love the good book, so why don't you take a good look at yourself, because there are people going through hell," "so go on keep on sayin' Amen," challenge yourself to look within and question your own moral compass. We were moved by Sam Robbins' latest hit "Saying Amen," we know you will be as well.

Discover "Saying Amen" here.

Hello Sam and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Saying Amen." What does this song mean to you and how did you want listeners to receive the piece?

Thanks for having me. "Saying Amen" is a very special song to me - it's the first song I've written that has social justice, political center. It always seemed like that was too big of an idea to take on. So many of my heroes have made their careers on political songs, but I could never find the courage to do it. Fitting in how I feel about the world today into 3 minutes was just too much. "Saying Amen" came easily though. It came easily because I wrote it as a personal letter to a friend. After I was finished, I knew I had something special and new. I can't wait for people to hear the song and see their own world reflected, and the world of people they know.

The instrumentals on "Saying Amen" are a peaceful construction of acoustic and country vibes, when planning the instrumentation for this piece what did you want them to contribute to this song?

I wrote "Saying Amen" on an acoustic guitar. I love playing it this way, and when arranging it for the record we knew that we needed to keep that integrity. We wanted the sound to be reminiscent of the great political folk-rock groups of the 1970s, like Crosby Stills and Nash or Buffalo Springfield. Those songs were infused with a filled out, but very simple sound - based on the groove, focusing on the lyrics.

"Saying Amen" is full of thought-provoking and soul-searching lyrics. Do you typically infuse your songwriting process with a deeper subject matter?

Lately, I've been writing mostly from the point of the lyric first. It just seems like I have to these days! While I do love simpler music that just has a great vibe and energy, I feel that my role as a songwriter is in the energy of the lyrics and the story.

What is the music community like in Nashville and how has it contributed to your overall sound?

The community in Nashville is great! It's a really interesting spot, and tough to navigate. So far it's been amazing to be surrounded by musicians and artists all the time. There's a certain tenacity in the air there. I would say that it's contributed to my sound in a deeper way than I expected. I feel like being in Nashville has actually given me an opportunity to relax into my sound, and to be a little bolder with what I put out there.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

A few more singles and then an album!