Rejuvenate Yourself With the Soundings of Watch Rome Burn in "RADIO"

Powerful Rock band Watch Rome Burn is back with another single: "RADIO". The Seattle-based rock band consists of members Drew and Jestyn Cummings, as well as Petey Normal. The band prides themselves in the energy they're able to emulate within their overall sound, it's this exact energy that's able to characterize the band to potently. By adding in grungy and darker elements to their songs, Watch Rome Burn amplifies their dominance in the rock scene. Already being played on some major radio stations in Seattle, as well as radio stations based across Argentina, Canada, France, and the UK, Watch Rome Burn proves to be a sound that doesn't just adhere to the rock scene itself. Watch Rome Burn is an eclectic mix of stylings that stimulate the sensations of many listeners alike! The release of "RADIO" can easily showcase the artistic abilities of each band member, which once collectively combined, creates the very sound that is Watch Rome Burn.

Get ready for your heart to start beating with the soundings of Watch Rome Burn in "RADIO". Their track is packed with deep and heavy energy, which mainly stems from the absolutely striking vocalism and hardcore production. The track maintains an invigorating guitar presence, which gives way for that forceful presence. As a Rock band, their sound captures well in "RADIO". They ensure that the profound and powerful ambiance is set for listeners, as their collaborative effect is completely fierce. "RADIO" is the kind of track you'd want on your high-intensity workout playlist, or as a song to listen to in order to rejuvenate your energy. There's no such thing as a lack of energy in anything Watch Rome Burn releases! "RADIO" is available on all platforms, in order to appeal to your listening desires.

Listen to "RADIO" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Watch Rome Burn! You've had an amazing 2019! Can you tell us some of your favorite highlights from the past year?

Jestyn:  Definitely a big highlight was becoming a three-piece - Petey's heavy-and-frenetic bass playing really rounded out our sound, brought a lot of energy and a new sort of complexity and darkness to our songwriting and overall aesthetic. Speaking as the drummer, it's always rad to have a bigger rhythm section!  It was also amazing to watch the positive response to our two singles we dropped - "Snakeskin", and "RADIO" - we're super stoked to release the rest of the album!!

Petey: Well the highlight of my year was joining the band; I had never before found a group that I instantly clicked with enough to want to join, but not only did I want to join this band, I learned a new instrument just to do it.

We love your song "RADIO", can you give us an exclusive look into the meaning behind the track?

DREW:The song “Radio” could be about someone who is talking to the face they wear in public. Sort of realizing what they are to themselves and how different that person is from the one others see, but then even with that realization they make the choice to fool themselves into not seeing. While they’re mesmerized by their false identity, they are passed over by the world they’ve grown to resent and discard. This is a person who may go so far as to destroy themselves or the world to maintain their own delusions. A part of them must revel in the power they take knowing the truth and still defying it. 2019 was a strange year and I tried to take some of what I saw and put it in the song. Sometimes I feel like the whole planet is Caligula’s plaything.

PETEY: Drew wrote the lyrics on this one, but when I listen to them, it resonates with me about a time in my life where I blamed everyone and anything for my own issues, resulting in a mess of mind. Thankfully I clawed my way out of that, but Drew paints a completely accurate picture in this song.

Jestyn:  What they said; they're philosophers, I just hit things with sticks...

What are some goals that you have as a band for 2020?

Watch Rome Burn: More songs, more videos, and more of us everywhere, all the time, while you sleep, in your dreams, on the billboards and in the magazines. At least before they all burn up.

Who or what were some of the biggest influences on your music in 2019?

DREW: In 2019, I listened to a lot of either 90's Acid house like Pump panel and Underworld, any gritty Russian hardstyle I could find, the Sega genesis Mortal Kombat soundtrack which I would play at the same time as Boyd Rice' spoken word album; Pantera's power metal from 1988, old horror movie soundtracks like Sleepwalkers, Suspiria and Phantasm; and a dubstep producer named Phex. I wanted to find music with energy but with a certain darkness. I listened to anything from Wax Trax! records but especially Thrill Kill Kult, every once in a while some Wagner or Hot Butter or better yet both at the same time!!

PETEY: I feel like I somehow brought in my Metallica influence, perhaps because of my heavy Cliff Burton influence, but our music seems to be getting heavier and groovier at the same time. Obviously a great deal of that comes from Drew’s songwriting, but when the three of us come together we’ve just been totally kicking the crap out of our instruments.

Jestyn: I listened to and was inspired a lot by Sebastion Thomson's work this last year - particularly his stuff with his electronic/live drums hybrid project, Publicist - I'm also really excited by and draw influence from the very cool stoner/fuzz-rock revolution going on in the music underground right now - bands like Dead Panda, Wizened Tree, Opium Warlock - and a TON of others brutal groove-heavy monsters.  I'm always listening to Bonham, of course...

Thank you for chatting with us! Do you have any announcements you'd like to share with us? We look forward to hearing new releases from you this year!

Watch Rome Burn: We have live show dates booked throughout the Pacific Northwest through the first half of 2020 - look forward to seeing all of you in the Burn Legion there and rockin out together!! West Coast Regional Tour plans are in the works, too!! We're releasing two BRAND NEW SINGLES early 2020 - the first on Valentine's day, titled "Tempest" - look for it on all streaming services and media!!!  Our third album will be released later THIS SUMMER!! Thank you so much for having us.